Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – Episode 4: She’s Just a Pervert


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  1. Noc says:

    Oho- who was it who guessed there might be some supernatural animal business in the works? This gal =D I certainly didn’t expect Hakyua to practically morph his way out of the house at lightning speed, though, so the show’s still full of surprises O.o

    Around episode 2 I guessed that Kobeni’s survival may have had a miraculous twist to it, and something about her eyes in this episode got me thinking about it again. Presently her eyes are a shade of blue, but in the flashbacks to around the time she went to the Mitsumine house, her eyes are shown to be the same color as Benio’s. At first I thought the color change was just to match the dreamy autumn lighting, but maybe not? In fact, Kobeni’s current eye color matches Hakuya’s more than anyone else- Mashiro’s insistence that “it’s no use if he’s not with Kobeni” and the subsequent crack at imprinting made me think…maybe Kobeni and Hakuya are bound together by more than just a simple engagement promise? Maybe even more than a life debt?

    Well, even with supernatural elements thrown in, I’m probably just over-thinking things. MdS has become one of my favorite shows of the week in any case, both for slice of life laughs and some sweet romantic developments (go ahead and puke Benio, the Kobeni x Hakuya ship set sail long ago)! I’m always excited for the next episode, and I’m looking forward to next week’s especially with the promise of a new character introduction. This show may turn out to be my dark horse favorite of the season.

    And people don’t like Hakuya!!? Unbelievable! He’s so refreshing for a romantic male lead!! I love him and hope Kobeni comes to love him even more T.T this entire episode I was like, “JUST GIVE HIM A HUG PLEASE!” because he deserves it. Plus dat smile! Dat arrow catch! One could hardly ask for more.

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