Hoozuki No Reitetsu ep 4: Bunnies vs. Badgers

*Hoozuki in front of where the worst sinners go. Note the pix-elation….scary.

Woah, sorry. It’s convention season so i’m totally swamped with stuff to be doing! So i’m a tad bit late on this one. However, here we are at Hoozuki No Reitetsu episode four. Let me be the first to say like it doesn’t seem like there’s been four episodes, I tried to watch three all over again thinking I was reviewing episode three this week. I don’t want this anime to be done airing so quickly, can we slow down time perhaps?

No? Curses. Well anyway! Let’s discuss this episode. As always we have an episode split into two parts with two different stories. I have noticed a trend in these episodes where the second story is a lot more interesting then the first. Perhaps this is just my view on things.

The first part of this episode is sort of boring, the only really interesting thing of note if that hell’s taxi’s are apparently in the same family as the Catbus. This anime is getting a little heavy on the Miyazaki references. Not that there is ever a problem with that.
*I couldn’t get a decently centered shot of the cat bus….

Perhaps I’d of enjoyed this part of the episode a little more if I had a better grasp of Japanese history and mythology. I am loving this series, but a serious downfall to it is the need to have a grasp of these sorts of things. Perhaps this following week i’ll try to write down the names of characters that show up and research who they are. {On that note, the preview showed Hakutaku returning next week. This should be a fun episode.}

*Gonna look this guy up.

The second part of the episode however was really fun and interesting even to someone with little understanding of Japanese history. This part of the episode focus’s mostly on training new recruits and giving lessons to people who have been slacking off in their torture methods. We do so with a field trip! A story from a picture book and with a demonstration from a bunny named Mustard. Who happens to be the bunny from the picture book.

In the picture book we hear Mustards story of how it punished and killed a Badger for what it had done. I assume this is what hell’s version of a bed time story is….well if your kid is a demon, no sense in shielding them from the harsh things in life am I right?

We see Mustard and awww, what a cute bunny. Nothing could possibly…OH GOD! It’s like if Kyuubey from Madoka and the Rabbit from Monty Python got together. Had a child and gave it a thing against badgers! As a show of how it should be done, Hoozuki sets Mustard off by calling the theifs they were standing by “Sly Badgers” and well, let the slaughter commence.


As I said, the preview shows Hakutaku. Which excites me, I’ve been hoping to see more of him. Now excuse me while I go look up Momotaro and Yoshitsune for some frame of reference before next week. I should be right back on schedule now that everything for my costume is set. Until next week. Bai Bai!



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