Happiness Charge Precure Ep 4: Courage!

Thank god, Hime’s timid battle style will not drag on. It was so good to see her muster up her courage to face the terribad on her own. For once she made no attempts to run away, nor did she belittle herself once, so that’s a huge character development for her (and this is only episode 4) I am sure that from time to time she is going to have her timid-side get the better of her, but the fact that now she knows she has it in her will make a huge difference. I think the best part is that, she proved that she is capable of standing her own ground when Cure Fortune was watching behind the scenes. What a great timing! I knew this would happen sooner or later, and I’m happy it was now.

It was cute to see more of Hime’s personality, revealing that she is a very shy girl who had come to realize that she doesn’t like being in the center of attention after all.  She ended up freaking out when her class-mates started bombarding her with questions as it quickly became very overwhelming for her.

I am relieved to see that Megumi is not friends with every. single. person. at school. She has her class-mates who she is acquaintances with and then her circle who she mainly hangs out with (Yuuko and Seiji, and now Hime). Seiji told Megumi that she was imposing her social-butterfly personality on to Hime who is a very shy person. I didn’t think she was imposing too much, but perhaps because Hime had naively made a goal of making a hundred friends, Megumi got a little too fired up (since she can be very enthusiastic).

It looks like Yuuko is going to be that mature, level-headed character of the group. She is very patient and understood how shy Hime was. I am quite surprised to see that she wasn’t actually featured that much this episode, bu I suppose we will see more of her next week- heck perhaps may become a precure then.

Another thing that I particularly liked is that they didn’t forget about Seiji’s character. While I was certainly excited for him to be joining the Precure team, I was concerned that they were going to cast him onto the side lines and not feature him at all until they feel it’s relevant. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have a lot screen time- the fact that he is featured at all is a plus for me.


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