Happiness Charge Precure Ep 3: And the New Member of the Team is…

No he isn’t a Precure (LMFAO imagine if he were! What twist that would be!), but he is now going to work alongside with them and assist covering for Megumi when she has to go on the missions. Megumi proved to be a terrible liar, and can’t keep secrets even if her life depended on it. It has been a long time since we seen a male character be part of the group. I think it was way back in Yes! Precure 5 (been quite a few years so my memory is hazy), which I also believe had an element of romance as well.

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 3 Img 0029It hurts like a bitch to see Megumi x Seiji ship be friend-zoned. I can’t believe they shot down the ship before it even set sail! But you know what, I won’t lose faith. Why? Because for the first time (if not, in a long time), Blue straight out asked them if they were in a romantic relationship, and then explained that there’s a rule that Precures are not allowed to have lovers. To me, it screams that there will be romance blooming at some point or another, I mean- why bother bringing it up if it isn’t going to become an issue later on? While I am presently shipping Megumi x Seiji, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Hime ended up getting a love interest, or perhaps she might even fall for Seiji herself. There have also been some noticeably handsome characters on the bad guys’ side, so if there is potential for forbidden love to blossom in the future- bring it on! It was such a pity to see Ira x Rikka in Dokidoki Precure be cast aside when they had so much potential- UGH THAT ENDING, MY KOKORO.

It wasn’t just the romance factor that Blue warned Megumi about it. Earlier on he told her that she must keep her identity as a Precure a secret. The reason is to reduce the risks of endangering those who are related or connected to her. It is a legit reason to keep it a secret, but of course the joke is on them because she hardly looks any different than her usual self. Might as well give her a mask- Oooh that would be super cool! Too bad they probably won’t ever wear one in this show… Booo…

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 3 Img 0023Megumi was a one-man army today because of how furious she was when she saw that Seiji was attacked and hurt by the Kindabads (LOL, god I love their names, it’s hilarious). She became a mega powerhouse and had her chance to shine with her round of purifying the terribad. However… Oh god, the CG scene caught me off guard. As I mentioned in the first episode, the ED CG creeps me out, so seeing her temporary power-up with her Pre-Card being animated in CG startled me, and I was basically internally screaming, “NOOOOOOOO NOT THE CG!!!!” I am sorry, but the CG is just bad (not the worse, but I still don’t like it- I think it’s because it’s so shiny… *CRINGES*). It is dreadful for me to watch. LUCKILY, it was like five seconds long, so as long it’s short and quick, I can live with it. But it is definitely interesting to see the girls now have other tools to use for attacks. The clothing isn’t just for outside jobs, but for battles too. Cure Lovely used Precure Passion Dynamite, and I won’t lie, I do kind of like that element.

For most of the fight, Hime was sitting on her ass doing absolutely nothing, but thankfully she eventually mustered up her courage to assist Megumi. I was happy to see that she willingly served as the decoy to distract the enemy while Megumi prepared to purify it. I really do enjoy their dynamic as a team, it is freaking adorable.

Now that we were able to get a close-up of the magic mirror, it’s pretty obvious at this point the silhouette is exactly the same as Blue’s. So it’s either him, or an evil twin/evil half. He is God who protects their world, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have a “dark” half. It’s like two sides of a coin. Anyhow we’ll see how it turns out.


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