Z/X IGNITION Episode 1 [First Impression]

Eva’s First Impression

Welp! What can I say, I was certainly in for a surprise! Strangely enough, ZX Ignition kind of did the whole introduction backwards. And as confusing as it was (which had me worried about whether they were ever going to explain the use of the cards), it was an interesting change. I wasn’t holding any expectations for ZX Ignition, but I decided to give it a whirl on the whim and what can I say? It was definitely not what I expected. I was completely caught off guard but how dark the show started out, with doomsday of the Gates aka Black Points (that looks all too similar to Date a Live’s Spacequake). The monsters whom they called as Zillions of Enemy X aka ZX basically took over the world, terrorizing and killing everyone, forcing Humanity at it’s mercy. That’s some pretty intense shit going down for a card game adaption!

Tennoui Asuka is a pretty laid-back guy, but we really didn’t learn that much about his character today besides the exception that he has a brother and his mother is in the hospital. He was given a card device that will enable him to capture and control the ZX by the Shrine Priestess of the Dragon (whom he had encountered while taking a shortcut to cut traffic.) While doing so she tells him to protect the world. He met Fierte while she was severely wounded after being pursued by Ayase (who threatens Tennoji to hand her over otherwise she’ll kill him).

As for the other four whom we were introduced today, we know absolutely nothing about them except that Azumi and Ayase, Chitose (of the Green World) and Mikado (of the Red World) also possess a card device. It is implied that Azumi and Ayase both eventually teams up with Tennoji (since we were shown he and Ayase were not in an alliance when they first met), but their present relationship is quite vague.

One of the things they didn’t explain and I kind of wished they had today was the whole “Worlds” factor. We will definitely get the answers about that next week, but as of right now, I am assuming that these “worlds” Red World, Green World, White World are like clans controlling certain territories. In this case Kobe is within the White World territory. Why they want to conquest, probably all has to do with getting ahold of the other clan’s ZX monster. Take becoming the ultimate ZX Master if you will, gotta catch them all!

ZX IGNITION Ep 1 Img 0034It was certainly a pleasant surprise to see that none of the ZX Monsters are in CG (yet, and I’m crossing my fingers that it stays that way) and I love their designs, Sieger being my favourites. The overall animation was well done and I am quite fond of the character designs for most part. One of the things I noticed and quickly became especially fond of was the use of the afar shots. You can see all the characters at the scene and the background. Often times we get the shots where it’s cramped and you only see so many in a frame and not the entire picture. So I really liked that touch.

Overall it excites me that this show is going to be very different than I am sure most of us anticipated. I am looking forward to seeing how things will unfold from here on out. One of things I would like to see is the humans not being limited to being passive by standing around talking or ordering stuff to fight, but instead actually take part of the battles or do things that the ZX can’t do. I guess tag teaming would be nice to see where they can each take advantage of their individual skills that can cover the other’s back.. As for blogging, I’m not entirely sure if I’m up to it. I think it will ultimately comes down to how Mahou Sensou, Inari Kon Kon no Iroha, Wake Up, Girls! goes since I told myself I need to limit myself to a max of four shows this season (and as spread out as possible).

Possibility of Blogging: Low
Possibility of Watching: High


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