Wake Up Girls! Episode 3: Be my Sunshine

It was nice to have a somewhat breather for Wake Up Girls! after their streak of bad luck.  Today’s episode revolved around Minami as she quickly became a favourite out of the entire group during the three minute variety program. The girls were divided in two groups: The Gourmet Program (Nanami, Mayu, Minami), and the Weather Report (Kaya, Airi, Yoshino, Miyuu). Since Minami absolutely loves food, the Gourmet program was a piece of cake. However she soon came to a roadblock when the director asked her to expand her vocabulary instead of saying how it is ‘Good’ all the time. I was surprised that she never said, ‘Delicious’ or, ‘Yummy’ or ‘Tasty’ but instead went with ‘Meow’ which for the better ended up being a hit. Wake Up Girls! Ep 3 Img 0016One of the things we learned about her today is that she actually has stage-fright. It’s funny because there has never been that implications, but Minami tells Mayu (who is just as surprised) that the protection charm (given to her by Isokawa) helps her overcome that fear. Speaking of Isokawa, it was so nice to see the elderly be so cute and supportive of Minami. They consider her as the Sun because she is so radiant and makes them happy. So they made an adorable yellow banner to bring to Wake Up Girls! special stage concert. It was a sad moment to hear that Isokawa d had to be taken to the hospital, I really felt for Minami during that scene. But most of all, I respect President Tange (when she’s not running off with their money) for not getting angry at Minami when she said she couldn’t make it to the concert. It shows a shred of humanity is this greedy woman, and it makes me feel a lot better that she is managing them for real this time. Thankfully Isokawa was no in critical condition when Minami went to see her at the hospital, so she was able to encourage her to go and perform at the concert.

While the episode was sunny for most part, there was clouds over Mayu’s head and it appears a storm is brewing. Mayu’s mother is not happy at all about her returning to the idol industry. She claims that Mayu is responsible for her sufferings. Then by the end of the episode, a hardcore fan of Mayu  (going by the name of Ota)  posts on the idol forum how awesome Wake Up Girls concert was and that he is glad that he still follows her (I sure hope he doesn’t mean it as a stalker- you can never know…). But as result of Wake Up Girls! drawing attention, rather than the anti-fans, something even worse is coming up onto their tails. (I actually can’t believe I actually forgot about this part of the business up till now). That is the Scandal journalists. They are already evilly rubbing their hands together, brainstorming about what kind of Mayu scandal they can scoop this time. After all, Mayu’s history in the I-1 Club will definitely help create some articles that could potientially taint Wake Up Girls! image and naturally put a fresh target on Mayu’s back. That being said, I get the feeling rather than the Anti-Fans, it’s the scandals that made Mayu’s family suffer so much.



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7 Responses

  1. Cytrus says:

    Well, you do realize there’s no ‘Yummy’ or ‘Tasty’ in Japanese, right? English is the world’s most inflated language in terms of vocabulary so there’s plenty of synonyms to choose from.

    • Eva says:

      Well I don’t speak Japanese, so I didn’t know that until you mentioned it now.

      • Cytrus says:

        Japanese does have several words for delicious, of course, but if you discard the very rude and very bookish ones, you’re not left with much… Japanese gourmet programs are basically an endless loop of people going “oishii” and “umai”, it’s more about their expression and tone than the vocab used.

  2. Noc says:

    I didn’t seem to enjoy this episode as much as the first two (although the second episode I didn’t really *enjoy* so much as I appreciated the glimpse of darkness they were willing to show us and it got a lot of emotion out of me), but I think that’s because I’m still pretty angry at Tange. I’m the type to hold a grudge for a long time if someone manages to seriously make me angry, but I’m trying to not let it get to me. Minami is one of my favorites, so I’m happy she got focus early on- although I like all of the girls quite a bit, I really adore cheerful people who try their best even if they’re scared. That sounds pretty generic but it’s hard to find in anime sometimes. I would have appreciated Tange’s sympathy over Minami’s grandmother more if my mind wasn’t screaming “no just go to the concert, it’s obvious that’s what she’d want you to do!!” and that’s exactly how things turned out in the end…

    Looks like we’re going to focus more on Mayu more next week. I must admit, she’s the one I’ve been feeling the most neutral about till now, and I despise paparazzi and the like, so I’m not sure if I’m excited for next week or not. I suppose I’m interested to see how the other girls handle heavy media coverage, but maybe we won’t get to see that just yet- it may just be an attack on Mayu for now.

    And by the way, Eva…I was rereading some old blog posts here cuz I’m creepy like that, and couldn’t help but notice a certain conversation talking about Amnesia AMVs…so… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KYL_wx95O4 SHAMELESS ADVERTISING!!! XP

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I’m also feeling pretty neutral about Mayu, but I am dreading the drama that is coming for her. Although the girls in the group are all sweet, there are a few who I expect to get angry at her, especially if her being part of the group drags them into her problems.

      I can’t completely forgive Tange for running off with their money, but all I hope is for her to properly make it up to them by being an efficient producer and make use of her connections.

      XD That’s a really great AMV! I’ve been working on an AMNESIA AMV, but it’s basically been scrapped aside with my half a dozen other ones I haven’t been able to complete. TTvTT I haven’t uploaded any in two years. It’s hard on my wrists *SOBS*

      • Noc says:

        My stomach is twisting over all those cameras and news people already DX I’m expecting the 13 year old to start being a jerk over it, actually…she already took a jab at poor Kaya when the older girl was being sexually harassed last episode. I like her spunk and ambition, but I get the feeling she lacks a bit of the team mentality needed to work well with others.

        Yeah, all Tange can do now is her job, and make sure everything pans out well for these girls. Maybe she’ll have some tips on how to handle whatever Mayu scandal the news is hoping to dish out. While those in charge of I-1 Club seem to have built up a competitive atmosphere between their many girls, at least Tange is focusing on having WUG work in unity.

        Yay, thank you! Most of my stuff is pretty simple, but every now and then I can make something nice =P. Ugh, I’m the same way- although I’ve gotten better in recent months, I still have piles of them that I just don’t have the energy to finish T.T

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