Wake Up, Girls! Episode 1 [First Impression]


My name is Eva, I’ve been watching Anime since 2003, and I became a fan later in 2005.
I am a passionate writer, so it’s a wonderful experience and incredibly thrilling to blog reviews/critics and just express myself about the series.

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6 Responses

  1. magicflier says:

    I haven’t watched this show yet… but to sum up your impressions:
    This is like a darker version of Idolmaster, and has a opposite setting to it. Instead of starting from scratch, we have a former idol that’s part of the cast, and this agency is already close to ruin with it’s runaway president. Everything is looking good so far and has potential for lots of drama in the future. Despite the animation not being on par with Idolmaster and other popular idol titles, it has it’s own charm to it.

    I guess I won’t be disappointed with the show when I start watching it with the other shows after 3-4 episodes finishes airing. :3.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah that basically sums it up. I’m watching the movie (Wake Up, Girls! Seven Idols) now, it is the pre-sequel to the tv series starting just after Maya was “exiled” and covers the beginning of the girls’ careers/auditioning to enter the Green Leaves Agency. I actually recommend you watch the movie first before the first episode because it explains a lot of the contents that was brought up.

  2. sidekick says:

    looking at these screenshots…the girls all look the same.

  3. Noc says:

    Hmm…I generally dislike Idol shows, and yet I really enjoyed this one. It’s true that the art and animation wasn’t stellar, but somehow this made it more appealing for me…I sort of got the feeling that they weren’t just trying to rely on moe girls to sell the show, but were really telling a story about a group of people working their way into the entertainment industry. The somewhat subdued character designs, color pallet and voice acting from the main cast made them all feel more realistic for me as well. I already feel like I know all the girls well, and they all have their charms. I’m excited to see them succeed.

    And about the panty shots…I normally hate fanservice because I’m a girl and GET YOUR BREASTS AND PANTIES OUT OF MY FACE DAMN IT!!! But the one type of fanservice I can tolerate or even appreciate is the kind that happens in passing like a natural event- for example, if a girl delivers a roundhouse rick to someone’s head (a la Hiyori from Noragami XD), then of course her skirt is going to flip up and her underwear will be exposed. The same can be said for the girls’ dance routine. True, they didn’t need to focus on their legs during those movements, so the panty shots were technically unnecessary…but their audience would have seen them even if we didn’t, so I think the idea of “they’re doing the routine without hesitation despite flashing the audience” is maybe what the animators wanted to project here (rather than plain fanservice without any purpose, I mean), and I appreciate their bravery. I know I’d be awfully clumsy with my dance moves if I knew my underwear was going to be shown, haha.

    So…yeah! I was pleasantly surprise at how much I enjoyed the movie and this first episode. I’ll stick around for a little while and see where things go. And yay, no CG!!! That alone wins my viewing of further episodes.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I definitely think they are going for the realistic approach, hence more darker by showing the more of what we’d describe as the “ugly” side of the industry and the response on social media.

  4. Rainyday says:

    Well, the panties shot was a surprise but it didn’t affect me whatsoever since there are many other shows with much more overblown fanservice. Animation wise it’s not the best but like you said, I’m more interested in seeing how the group will fair against the other groups, especially so since their center is already condemned. It’s also a fresh change from the usual lively idol shows. OP (or movie end) is excellent though. Somehow I keep listening to it.

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