Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Ep 1 [First Impression]


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4 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    I’m more with Sidekick on this one. The characters were fine but not particularly memorable at the moment. I did like the sister though (yay one that doesn’t want the brother’s d*ck). Their banter seemed genuine and there were a couple of moments between them that made me chuckle.

    The world looks interesting, I would love to find out more about it (not sure if there’s enough episodes to get anything decent though). But I’m kinda wondering why their planes have propellers when they have hydrogen batteries. And why would they take off from water when it would take so much less energy to take off from land. Oh well, anime logic I guess.

    I noticed the OST a few times when there was some cool music playing :-)

    • sidekick says:

      Another thing that bugs me quite a bit about this show is how tame it is. As a huge fan of steampunk anime this one didn’t make use of elements such as this to create a more engaging setting. And why do they need to being the whole damn island with them? Why are teenagers pilots when there are probably capable adults? Why does the female love interest remind me of Rose from Titanic??? Still it’s probably just me being stupidly picky and it’s only the first episode so we’ll see. I need to start paying attention to the soundtrack too. But that OP was lame.

      • Alex says:

        The OP was urgh. And if they do some of the things they were hinting at in it, like a swimsuit episode… I will not be happy >.< hopefully that was just fan service, not reflective of the plot.

        • sidekick says:

          yeah. the adventure elements are already toned down to the point where it’s gonna be lame if things don’t pick up soon, it does have the potential of delving into high school slice-of-life/romance.

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