SoniAni – Super Sonico The Animation Episode 1 [Quick Look]

Serious pair of plot, guys.


Why did you have to disappoint me, White Fox…

The answer probably has something to do with large piles of money, to be honest. I know next to nothing about Super Sonico (other than the fact that she’s the mascot of Nitroplus) but I’m guessing this anime is meant to complement the other areas of her vast franchise. I’m not exactly sure what I expected out of this (given White Fox’s pedigree up until now) but it seems like your standard slice of life with little to no plot – Sonico is an innocent girl who goes to college, has a couple of part-time jobs and performs in a band on stage. Her most distinctive character feature are those eternal headphones (she even wears them while sleeping!) and she’s not a morning person, needing the aid of several alarm clocks and cats to get her up on time. Sonico’s a great dojikko (although not as cute as Miyanaga Saki) and she seems like an honest and sincere (if slightly gullible) girl.

Pic216She also happens to be overly busty – those are massive. I knew all along that there wasn’t going to be much of a plot, so I guess it was the fanservice in SoniAni which disappointed me, as surprising as that might seem. I have a feeling there’ll be a lot of future leering at Sonico in various states of undress – the leering being done by strange men, like those two perverts tried to do when she modelled for them. Of course, there’s no question that this show will have fanservice… it’s just not really the sort of fanservice I’m after. It was a similar feeling with the men at her grandma’s restaurant, and I think it’s going to happen next week too when she goes up on stage alone. Sonico’s doing these things without really realizing she’s doing them – her innocence makes it seems like she’s being taken advantage of from my perspective. It’s definitely not something I want to invest time towards blogging.

Well, I do admit she has a great rack. Enjoy the screencaps.

Possibility of Watching: Below Average
Possibility of Blogging: 0%


I love cute things.

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3 Responses

  1. lilgamergal says:

    For me, definitely not watching. Just…No.
    Oh I didnt know she was a mascot xD Mind you I didnt even know Nitro+Chiral was a branch from another company -3- guess I should do more research about the game companys before I play the game xD

    • Vantage says:

      Nitro+Chiral does BL stuff, doesn’t it xD Its parent company produces some pretty good stuff as well – Saya no Uta is a haunting but amazing experience if you can stomach the constant gore. And of course, their collaborations with 5pb have produced Steins;Gate and its sister series.

      • lilgamergal says:

        yes, yes it does xD

        Oooh, thats interesting. I can stomach gore since im planning to watch Pupa ;P

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