Noragami Episode 1 [First Impression]


I love cute things.

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7 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    Oh man I am pleasantly surprised how hilarious this turned out to be! I know I’m going to enjoy this one a lot! XD The characters are awesome! Finally something that livens me up for the Winter 2014 season!

    • Vantage says:

      The season has managed to redeem itself xD It’s a pity Noragami’s only going to be a one-cour show, especially when it blends supernatural, action and comedy so well. We don’t get many of those!

  2. lilgamergal says:

    Wait only 12 episodes?
    *sobs in the corner*

    I really enjoyed the first episode, and the funny moments had me dying of laughter (I have a good sense of humour :P)
    Also, all the cats ;3; I love cats so woopie~

  3. Noc says:

    The manga is still fairly new, so even if we’re only getting one cour, at least there’s a better chance they won’t do an original ending and keep things open for a second season ^^

    I got pumped for this series watching the trailer and then read all the available manga, I have high hopes for this one!! I really love the fluid animation of Hiyori’s tail, so many shows have these extra appendages just hanging or floating stiffly (anime hair has this problem a lot too, it’s a pet peev of mine >.<) so that was an excellent touch. The blend of comedy, action and seriousness was really great too. So excited for next ep!

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