Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 14: The Hidden Citizens


I love cute things.

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  1. That was a quick review.
    I was a little surprised since Marga’s appearance was a little different than how I imagined it to be, but I loved this episode…
    Some things were noticeably omitted, but still, it was nice…
    You’ve been following the manga too, right?
    There are so many scenes I can’t wait to be animated, and of course, I’m waiting eagerly for manga chapters. I know it would be far away, but I would love to see the summit in two months and see everyone reunite again.

    • Vantage says:

      From now on, I’m going to try and get Magi out ASAP every week :D I’ve got Saki and perhaps Wizard Barristers to blog about on Sundays as well, and I can foresee everything snowballing up if I’m not prompt xD

      I have indeed been following the manga, and I’m looking forward to new chapters too! We’ll probably have to wait quite a while before the summit’s animated, as this season’ll probably use up almost all the manga content that’s available. I think Magi’s quite a well-received series though (and it will be if A-1 Pictures do the rest of this season right) so a third season is possible if we wait for a couple of years or so.

      • Ah, the new chapter just got out…
        I think Magi is moving at a little of a slow pace right now, but oh well.
        I’m itching to see more of my favorite character Aladdin…
        Who’s your favorite character?

        • Vantage says:

          Morgiana all the way xD

          The new chapter had an interesting development. I admit, after recent manga events I haven’t been paying much attention to an Alibaba x Kougyoku pairing, but I can’t say I mind that too much…

          • But doesn’t Alibaba like Morgiana?

            • Vantage says:

              Yup! (spoiler tagged the rest)

              Spoiler Show
  2. TheVoid says:

    I’m not someone who has read much of the manga, but the way the elderly man spoke made it almost seem as if the way the kingdom was before the Mages took over was worse, which is why it seemed he was so easy to bend over to the mages and only had a problem with the next generation who weren’t alive during that time having to share their fate.

    The society is a hierarchy based one and I can understand it to a degree. This is likely why they are so rigorous with their mages since even amongst them they have a social structure based on talent and ability towards magic.

    • Vantage says:

      I’m wary of spoiling, so I’ll be vague – but Mogamett definitely has his own reasoning as to why Magnostadt has this sort of social structure, and why he strongly disagreed with the former regime. It’ll be explained next episode xD

  3. Noc says:

    The new OP disappoints me greatly!! The song’s too cheery, the visuals are too spoilery (so many intense reveals from the manga, GONE!) But the new ED is lovely, so I’ll forgive them.

    They did cut out some things, but it’s perfectly understandable. To be honest I was surprised Ohtaka put some of those scenes in her manga as well. Daaaw, Marga is just a sweetie-pie ^^ and I don’t really notice a lot of the time since everyone’s hair colors are so fantastical, but this series has a serious lack of relevant brown haired people lol. This was a nicely adapted episode all-round though, I’m please with A-1’s pacing. I wonder how the manga/anime sales are doing in Japan? Since they don’t seem to be messing things up this time around, we should definitely get a 3rd season once there’s enough chapters! And they should totally subtitle it as “The World of Magic” because it fits upcoming…stuff. That’s my prediction/demand.

    And oh wow, A Sinbad no Bouken adaption!! Thanks for sharing the news Vantage! Sinbad isn’t exactly my…favorite guy in the world…but I do read the manga since I love world building, and it’s a great way to show the details of Sin’s past without impeding on the main manga’s storyline.

    • Vantage says:

      All those spoiled full djinn equips ;_;

      “The World of Magic” is an incredibly fitting title – we’re not even that far into the current arc and I’m seeing the connection. Given the speed at which they decided to adapt the rest of the manga (so soon after the first season) I’m guessing it must be fairly popular.

      I’m not really a fan of Sinbad either… there’s too much darkness hidden inside him alongside his shady personal agenda. But at least he was better as a kid, right? :D

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