Hoozuki No Reitetsu – Ep 2: “The state of Hell and all that”


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  1. WandererYS says:

    Well, laughable points I noticed from part 1:
    1. Stripping Hag Photo Collection (aka Japanese Gravure, good kids don’t look this up on Google images) (I DO NOT want to see this, ahhhh my eyes hurt from thinking about it)
    2. The gift from Australia to ward off evil spirits (well, technically Hoozuki is a big evil oni, kind of an oxymoron that an evil spirit bought a ward of evil spirit).
    3. Dat flying club!!! (XD)
    4. The great serpent trying to eat that gigantic crab, XD (then Hoozuki is, well, drinking crab soup)

    Ps. I thought that was Mario, not Luigi (since he was wearing red)

    I’m curious though, who thinks this should get a slice of life (in hell) tag?

    Spelling Error Correction: (please remove this section of text after things are corrected)
    1. “Goldfish plans” -> Goldfish plants
    2. “dissecting and boiling Satan!” -> dessicate and broiled Satan! (This one is probably a misread of the subs, dessicate means dried, and it showed a dried Santa at the end, clearly showing what Hoozuki’s ingrediant was a dried Santa)

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