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5 Responses

  1. mow says:

    I like how they handled such sensitive topic. At first I thought that the pacing was a bit off, but as I continued watching, I lost track of time. I guess it helped me ease into the incest thing, otherwise, I’ve ended up disliking the series.
    I always wanted to watch Hourou Musuko. It looks so dreamy and heartwarming (I hope)

    You guys should do more of these random reviews, recent series have been disappointing imo.

    • sidekick says:

      Hm, what do you mean when you say the pacing was off? You mean during Nanoka’s introduction or the speed at which they began developing feelings for each other or something?
      Hourou Musuko is definitely something you should check out if you enjoyed Koi Kaze. Similar approach to controversial topics without coming off preachy or whatever. Even the animation style is a little similar! I hope to do some more of these reviews as I clear my backlog so look forward to some more!

  2. froggykun says:

    Despite my interest in wincest, I’ve never actually been interested in playing up the issue as a “forbidden love”, which is why I’ve never seen Koi Kaze. But I should probably give this a whirl because I’ve always been drawn to this idea of ambiguity in relationships and how we can never quite pin down the feelings we have for others. I like stories which challenge the distinction between platonic and romantic love and your review makes it sound as if Koi Kaze is very effective at this.

    Nice review, anyhow!

    • sidekick says:

      Koi Kaze definitely takes the more…’traditional’ approach to incest – as taboo. A sin of sorts, and both of the leads know that and it’s seen through their relationship. But what the series does is try to get you to understand the situation Nanoka and Koshiro are in, to show you the complexity of their relationship rather than actually condemn them for it. I wouldn’t really say that Koi Kaze ‘challenges’ the distinction between platonic and romantic love though. Right from the get go it’s rather clear that the two share a love that isn’t platonic, but are trying to change the nature of their relationship to that of normal siblings and suppress their real feelings? Hope that makes sense, sorry the review didn’t make that a little clearer, heh.

  3. 123 says:

    Nice review. I haven’t watched this, but I do believe that you’ve convinced me to give it a shot ^_^

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