Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 12: A New Emperor


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Noc says:

    Oooh, I totally forgot about that mini backstory with lil’ Kougyoku~ So cute~ Sinbad may have his hooks in her for now, but I really hope she gets a happy ending one way or another ^^

    Poor, poor Hakuryuu. The guy’s had a pretty messed up childhood, and I actually felt really sad when they showed that little flashback with his family all smiling in the meadow, holding his mother’s hand…but his way of thinking is definitely skewed, and like this he’s not only a danger to himself but also to the people around him such as Hakuei and our main trio. I really hope Alibaba/Aladdin/Mor (or maybe not Mor- I’d fear for her safety in the presence of this Hakuryuu, as strange as that may sound considering who and what Mor is) can help him onto the right path sooner rather than later.

    Eeeewww, Gyokuen…I’m actually happy that A-1 animation had Gyokuen simply put her hand on Kouen’s chest in this episode, rather than *under* his clothes as in the manga. That was squicky as hell. The emperor’s corpse on the other hand was even more disgusting in the anime thanks to the coloring, so I suppose my disgust all balanced out in the end.

    Aladdin!! He looks so boyish and cute yet manly at the same time ^^ with a ponytail he’d look freakishly similar to Sinbad actually O.o;; but who cares! That’s the way to do a time-skip! I can’t wait for Titus’ introduction next episode.

    • Vantage says:

      Hakuei in particular looked terrified after hearing of Hakuryuu’s plans. If he hadn’t separated from our main trio, I’m sure they could have done something about his hatred. He’s definitely around the wrong Magi – Aladdin at least could help him out with Solomon’s Wisdom if he begins to fall too far, while Judal is the last person you’d want to be around if you want to stay within the light.

      Clearly Gyokuen feels absolutely no shame in what she’s doing (although maybe she doesn’t even have the capacity to do so any more). I don’t think Kouen’s quite buying it though, and he definitely won’t be happy at not getting any closer to the throne. While he’s talking about uniting the world under one king, I’m pretty sure he intends that king to be him.

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