Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 11: The Great Rift


I love cute things.

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  1. Noc says:

    Having Morgiana interact with Alibaba’s brothers was indeed super weird, but it didn’t mess anything up and more Mor screentime is always a good thing. It seems that they’re putting in some padding so the halfway point of this season lines up with a certain point in the manga, which I do think is a good move on A-1’s part. If they needed to add filler I would have rather had some expansion on the Toran (Tran? I want to be happy with Viz’s translation, but I hear Tran and I just think Tron lol) culture. I was sorely disappointed that they didn’t go the extra mile by creating a spoken version of their language in the anime, especially since it’s…kind of a major plot point. Sadly it doesn’t look like they’ll be adding it in this season either, but oh well. I was pretty happy with how they handled Mor’s decent into the rift, and Yunan sounds exactly how I thought he would lol

    I’m pretty excited to see Kouen and his family together next episode, since it’s the first time the viewers get to have a real look at who really he is. But I’m not looking forward to seeing more Hakuryuu. Or am I? Plot-wise he has exciting potential no matter what direction he takes, but his growing creep factor makes my stomach twist >.<

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