Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode 10: And Now, I Repeat It All


I love cute things.

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5 Responses

  1. magicflier says:

    the revealing of the secret of the world is coming, i can already sense it from next door QwQ

    • magicflier says:

      “One of them was that everyone knew about this – they had known all along. Yet they still acted out their roles perfectly; ”

      I don’t remember Kyousuke saying this… In the episode, I only remember him saying that only the original members knew everything from the start + hinted Komari also knew as well. Only then is it after a few resets to solve the girl’s regrets that the other girls noticed (maybe ONLY noticed, not actually remembered everything). I know that Kyousuke said that Kud was the first to notice after a few resets, but I don’t know about Haruka nor Mio. Don’t think Kyousuke said anything about Kurugaya as well… Well I think Kurugaya first noticed from when she tried to make her ‘wish’ for her love for Riki to come true. Her wish then looped the world back in time and fluxuated the world. So she probably tried to stop the loop one last time but failed and disappeared from it; leaving Riki determined to protect Rin.

      I might have to rewatch the episode to see if I missed any other important dialogue.

      • Wanderer says:

        Folks with long memories (or who watched the first season more recently, like me) may remember Kud waking up after passing out from the shock of seeing her mother’s rocket explode, and saying “I remember everything… I was in prison.” Also her conversation with Kyousuke, where they both acknowledged that she was doomed to repeat the same thing over again. She had clearly gone through her bad route at least once and forgotten with the reset, but the shock restored her memory, and with it the memory of the secret as well, because while she was captured he focus was on getting back to help RIki and Rin.

        • Vantage says:

          :O Good call! My memories of Kud’s arc are definitely very hazy. If one digs deep I think they’d find all sorts of foreshadowing everywhere, perhaps most blatantly in this season’s OP (both the visual sequence and the lyrics now make a lot more sense). We also now know what Kyousuke meant in the pilot episode about repeating things “as many times as it takes” during his short monologue in the darkness.

      • Vantage says:

        My bad! I assumed all the girls knew (at least by the end) given the way they departed from the artificial world a few episodes ago. If it was only Komari, then I assume she’s special somehow – especially as she wasn’t an original LB member. Wonder if there’s significance in how she spends all her time stargazing at night… I recall hearing somewhere that she’s got an important part to play in the future?

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