Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11


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2 Responses

  1. mangaka-chan says:

    I agree with you about how Yayoi knowing everything with no legitimate explanation is really annoying. I hope they’ll give us an explanation about how she knows these thing without using the “just cuz” clause. >_>

    As for Miroku, judging by his dialogue about the KnK being the essence of collective human hatred makes me think he might have some personal vendetta against the Nase, and he’s using KnK to destroy their clan without any regard to the collateral damage KnK would inflict on the world. If he does have some history with the Nase I wish they’d hint at that earlier rather than play on it in the last two episodes, but even that’s preferable over him just being an evil villain archetype who just wants to watch the world burn for the heck of it.

    As for Izumi…I donno, I still don’t feel like she’s the end boss. Sure she comes across as being cold and ruthlessly pragmatic, but I’m not really getting the evil vibe from her like I am with Miroku. Things might still change in the last episode, but I just have this gut feeling that while her methods are questionable her intentions are indeed for the greater good.

    But despite all of these issues that I have with the show I like the character development Mirai and Akihito have been getting in the last two episodes. I’m really intrigued what will happen to Akihito now that he’s partially restored his partial youmu side. XD;; Judging by how beaten up and scratched up he is when he finally found Mirai inside of KnK he’s no longer immortal (i.e. his wounds aren’t healing at a supernatural rate). But after he reabsorbed part of KnKhis right hand did transform into that of his youmu form, and that makes me think (and hope!) he’ll have some powers and can do more than shout “Kuriyama-san!” for the duration of the last episode.

    • Eva says:

      I really want to see Akihito kick some ass with those badass youmu powers as well, otherwise I would probably find the conclusion to be underwhelming.

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