Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 12 [FINAL]


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7 Responses

  1. mangaka-chan says:

    I was also disappointed by the ending. I’m pretty sure most (if not 100%) of the material in this episode is completely independent of the novels, so even if they were to do another show after more books are published it will be hard to make for a smooth watching experience. I like Mirai and Akihito, but with the rest of the plot so incoherently written it’s hard for me to really care about the show at the end. And with this many loose endings it really makes me feel like KyoAni is gearing up for a potential sequel, though I’m not sure I’d be interested in watching it. :\

    • Eva says:

      I’m on the same boat about being uncertain whether I would want to watch the second season. What I do know for sure is that if it does get a sequel, there’s a high possibility that I won’t want to cover it. I am skeptical with shows that end poorly with loose ends , but it doesn’t always mean the sequels will be bad unfortunately most are if they end with a solid wrap up but not but that’s not the point. In fact sometimes it fixes that by filling in the loophole of the previous season. Utapri is a great example of that as it had SO many problems in the first season (and I was sorely disappointed with its ending), and then BOOM season 2 happens and most if not all the plot-holes and lack of character development was fulfilled without repeating the same mistake. Some shows need to have that second season I think to fix all the loose end (done right) and Kyoukai no Kanata is definitely one of them.

      • mangaka-chan says:

        I think a lot of anime now are one cour instead of two, when many could’ve benefited from a 24 or 26 episode count from the get-go. I guess it really all comes back to money again. If a show does poorly after the studio has invested the resources of doing a two cour show they’ll loose money, and with a one cour show they can gauge if they should continue with a project. But the problem is I think the writers just did a bad job with the writing for this show as it stands now. Just because they had limited source material to work with doesn’t mean they can pull plot threads out of thin air. In this case the thing with Izumi having a youmu inside her really bothers me because it felt so tacked on. We were never given any foreshadowing that this was her secret. The whole time I thought she had something like ousting the senior Nase family head or challenging the Spirit Warrior Society in mind, but not this!

  2. Roxas3510 says:

    I will be disappointed by the ending if this is truly how it ends, but I have high hopes for a second season, or least high hopes that they PLANNED on a second season but don’t get around to it because of financial problems and whatever else contributes to whether or not an anime gets another season. Even so, I’m sure the novel goes beyond what is shown in these 12 episodes (and it probably didn’t end the same way either, as with most anime adaptions of manga/novels) and explains the unexplained. I agree with this review, but disagree with your score for the story, if it’s solely based on the loose ends anyways (unless of course this really is how they wanted to end it, then yeah, that’s stupid).

  3. Some parts of it were rather… abrupt, and the ending seemt to have too much deus ex machina. Nevertheless, it’s a decent anime.

  4. sidekick says:

    The last third of the series completely lost me, I had no freaking clue what was going on. The first 3 episodes were pretty crap, but episodes 4-7/8 were decent. Didn’t really enjoy the characters very much though. the Nase siblings are alright, but Akihito and Kuriyama weren’t very fun and engaging MCs. I particularly thought the dialogue was poor too. I’ve had enough of stupid glasses fetish jokes unless we’re talking about Meganebu.

  5. Magicflier says:

    No you didn’t misread it, I also saw it as 13 episodes just a few days before the 11th episode aired… They must of changed and confirmed the length. Either that or MAL/ANN was just misinformed… >>

    Anyway I have the same opinion as you. Beautiful animation (as always), but their ‘original’ stories (that diverged from the original story since episode 2/3) that they put into this show to create more ‘moe’ moments was really unnecessary. They could of used all those moments for explanations. They pretty much diverged from a pretty good light novel. Sad to hear from readers talk about this. I’m starting to really hate this ‘fanservice’ priority that KyoAnimation is putting first and many of their newer shows these days… (ҩ_ҩ)

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