Kill la Kill Episode 11: Prelude


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2 Responses

  1. Grackle says:

    Been reading in many forums how people are annoyed that the battle of Ryuko and Sanageyama got interrupted.

    I, for one, like how they used Sanageyama as a barometer (I’ll explain myself).

    He’s the first of the Elite to fight Ryuko, gets beaten, gets an upgrade, and wipes the floor with her. We know he’s going to be a challenge for Matoi to beat, although she has clearly gotten stronger. Then he’s the last to fight her, this way we get to see the other 3 of the Elite fight. When the moment comes, the fight is interrupted and Sanageyama doesn’t last a minute. We shouldn’t feel bad for not getting to see the fight since they already fought, Sanageyama even gets a chance to use his finishing move on Niu.

    All of this so they can establish how strong Nui is and skip an Elite-4 fight so they can advance the plot. This justifies how out of control, I hope, Matoi will get next episode, since Nui is really strong and without all of this, the fight will easily be one-sided. That’s smart writing right there.

    And a side-note… Satsuki got some serious character development this episode. Loved it.

    • Dan says:

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that too, and was confused because like you, I saw it as a means to demonstrate Nui’s power? And again, as you said, we’d already witnessed a fight between him and Ryuko. Why should we be annoyed when instead we get to see Ryuko let loose against the ridiculously strong Nui?

      And agreed, Satsuki is becoming even more interesting. What’s interesting to note is that she may have a mother complex, which I’ve found to be quite rare in anime? Normally, it’s either a father complex, or a male character with a mother complex, so it will be nice to see how KLK handles this.

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