Diabolik Lovers: [Episodes 10 & 11]

Diabolik Lovers is reaching its end!! I can hear the Hallelujah chorus! This anime. This…this travesty of a good paranormal reverse harem story sucked the very enthusiasm to watch any anime at all right out of me. But now that it’s over, and with all the care I took to mentally prepare myself to quickly watch what’s left of the episodes, I am back to normal. But that’s off topic (also an apology for being late with these reviews) so I’ll get into the episode(s).

DiabLo 3Majority of the 10th episode is a flashback to Cordelia’s scheme to come back . After her three boys (Ayato, Raito/Laito and Kanato) tortured her and played their part in making sure her body was of no use; leaving her for dead before sending her body up in flames, Richter came to her. She asked him to take her heart and find a body to put it in and then she’d be back. DiabLo 2

Everyone knows that Cordelia has taken over Yui’s body – or at least knows that something is wrong since they’ve all been acting differently since the awakening. Ayato confronts her, obviously pissed that the wench is back after all his hard work to be rid of her when he was younger. He reminds of the time he couldn’t swim but Cordelia tells him that he should be happy she had pushed him in the water so that he could learn (remember that flashback in episode 2 where he was drowning and reaching out to her for help).

Ayato pushed her in the ocean but being that Yui’s body is not Cordelia’s she doesn’t have much control over coordinates, I guess?? And she starts to drown. That causes Yui to be in full control of her body again and she struggles to the surface and calls out to Ayato; who in turn starts feeding from her once he realizes she’s okay.

Again we have the vampire sexuals. Yui struggles and says no then finally pushes him away and runs off to her room. She takes out the stake that Subaru gave her and he appears in her room, asking her if she’s finally afraid of them. She says no but that she doesn’t know what to do because of how they now react towards her. Everyone is horny for a piece of Yui. They were before…but now it’s out of control. Subaru bites her then leaves after telling her to keep the stake though Yui didn’t want to.

Richter comes in to her and tells her that the vampire brothers will hurt each other just to have her all to themselves. She doesn’t want this but then Cordelia comes back to repossess her body and Yui allows her to. Richter calls out Cordelia’s name. Yui opens her eyes all dramatic-like to reveal new irises.

DiabLo 7Episode 11:

Cordelia is now awakened and she and Richter are having casual conversation inside the vampire brother’s home as if they belong their. The audacity. Reiji comes along and obviously he hates her from all he had to say to her. She also mentioned his father, Karl Heinz. Karl is also the reason why Cordelia wanted to come back in the first place, to kill him. To profess her love…because, that’s what it means when you kill someone in this series. You love them so much you can’t stand to see them alive, immortal and miserable. So you kill them…DiabLo 4(Oh yeah, Cordelia kissed Reiji too.)


The brothers don’t intend to have any of that mess and all of them want to get rid of both Cordelia and Richter because both have played a part in making their lives a living hell. Subaru tries to fight Richter but fails and Richter gives his pompous speech about being “oh so strong.” However, Shu disagrees and tells him that compared to Karl, Richter’s strength is no challenge.

Then Richter reveals that his plan is to kill Cordelia and take then new heart then he will be the one to take over…what, I don’t know because I’m sure Karl still exists. Ayato comes to fight him and a fencing battle ensues.

DiabLo 6Honestly, this was the worst battle I ever beheld – especially, considering the fact that these guys are supposed to be vampires. Ayato lost the fencing match and Yui came back to control her body when she saw Ayato get hurt.

DiabLo 5She runs off and decides to kill herself so that no one will get hurt. However, that only set the FINALE OF THE FINAL AWAKENING in motion. When she awakes, the body and heart – everything – will belong to Cordelia.

…should have thought that one through Yui.

Honestly, I’m incredibly happy that this thing is coming to an end. I’m disappointed that they waited until now to put some plot twist and action in the entire series because now it just seems rushed and anti-climatic. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that Ayato stabbed Richter in the end so he’s about to die.

Also, I loved the new Yui (possessed by Cordelia) there just seems to be so much more to her personality than the dull stereotype of some reverse harem heroines. It was a bit refreshing and I still think the kind of buildup they chose to go with for this kind of plot line could have been done better, because honestly how things turned out is not half bad but the build up…

The build up was shit. Absolute doo-doo. But it’s coming to an end, so I won’t complain *throws confetti*.




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