Diabolik Lovers [Episode 12 & Final Impression]


I'm an anime/manga junkie, yaoi lover and hopeless romantic. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the best. That is all.

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  1. Noc says:

    I remember watching the first episode of this show and thinking, ‘ooh, a little cheesy but this might be good!” because I like a little horror thriller now and again…too bad it was all down hill from there. The whole show was just Yui mopes> gets fed on> drowns> gets fed on> mopes> gets fed on> gets a knife> gets fed on> mopes> gets possessed by Cordelia> drowns> gets possessed by Cordelia FOR REAL> no she doesn’t> stabs herself> dies> wakes up as a vampire? The end.

    And unlike others, I didn’t even find the character designs to be attractive (Yui was cute, but I wanted to chop off that stupid strand of hair sticking out thanks to her hair decorations). Art always seemed sloppy and boring…and the characters themselves were blah to the max, even the crazy ones. Maybe my opinion of them was hampered a little bit how utterly douchey they all were, but still.

    I sincerely hope the next otome game-to-anime adaption fares better (come on Japan, just make another Hakuoki anime based on the new game, jeez!!)

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