Samurai Flamenco Episode 8: Enemies Revealed


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3 Responses

  1. KF says:

    I still have a hard time accepting this. How could this situation not be taken seriously? Why on earth can anyone not freak out. What is happening is far above conventional technology – and they just took it just like that? Heh…


    • Dan says:

      Yeah, I agree. Given the world the series set up in the first six episodes, both the technological and supernatural elements feel out of place. As one of my friends said, Samurai Flamenco broke its own rules. If these supernatural elements have been present all along, why was there no evidence of it prior? Not everything needs foreshadowing, but for a twist as big as the introduction of Viva Torture, some tonal or narrative hints would have been appreciated and helped ease the transition.

  2. TheVoid says:

    One thing I noticed is that the schemes of Torture become less evil as they go on, like the opposite of Masayoshi who worked his way up from small crimes. I mean the last guy (cobra) bought apples! Sure he implied he was going to use for a evil scheme, but still! Even the horse before him was planning to spread a drug that just makes people gossip more while giving them some discomfort.

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