Samurai Flamenco Episode 6: Tools of the Trade

Samurai Flamenco Ep 06-30

This week on Samurai Flamenco, Masayoshi receives some new tools thanks to a stationery researcher who happens to be interested in weaponising his stationery. He offers things such as high velocity eraser launchers and a grappling hook tape measure, which Masayoshi is more than happy to accept. However, Samurai Flamenco now has a ten million Yen bounty of his head, and so the citizens are now working together to capture Flamenco. With the aid of his new weapons, a man he saved and Goto, he manages to escape the madness relatively unharmed.

Masayoshi gaining some equipment to aid him as Samurai Flamenco is a big step forward for the show, at least in terms of plot progression. I think that this is most likely the precursor to the super suit we’ve seen in the OP, and I’m really excited by that! For the first time, Masayoshi was actually cool, managing to do actually hero things like sail away and scale walls a la Batman. Not only that, he managed to save a man falling from a building. A few episodes ago, this would DEFINITELY have been impossible for him to do, so it’s nice to see some growth on that front.

The Flamenco Girls continue to provide us with a huge amount of comic relief. Whether it’s Mari trying to seduce Goto, their Ball Crusher finishing move or their entrances, I’m always entertained when they’re on screen. I’m glad to see that there’s no animosity between them and Masayoshi, but that could change quite quickly, especially as the two superheroes gain more popularity. They obviously dispense different kinds of justice, so what happens when in the eyes of the opposing group, the “superhero” has committed a crime?

The fact Samurai Flamenco has many options when it comes to the direction of the plot is definitely one of the shows strengths. Not only does it keep you watching to see where it goes, but the series also has potential to explore various aspects of what it means to be a superhero and personal views of justice. Thus far, the characters haven’t had to reflect too deeply on their actions and how they affect others (the plot has mostly taken care of that), but I do think that as Masayoshi becomes more and more successful as a superhero, he’s going to start needing to make sacrifices or decisions which don’t align with his personal ethics, morals or sense of justice. He does see the world in a very binary way, so seeing him grapple with some kind of ethical dilemma would be a route I’d be interested in, and could really help him grow.

With Masayoshi’s aptitude ever-increasing, his presence will certainly become felt more and more by the police force. Goto’s proposal for an alliance will definitely be a big plot point later on, but just how the relationship between Samurai Flamenco and the police will work is up in the air. I’m more interested in how this will affect the relationship between Goto and Masayoshi, though.


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3 Responses

  1. K-AL says:


    OK, aside from mistaken GotoxMasayoshi impression that Mari has, I’m looking forward to how they’re going to defeat that tabloid editor. In a way, it reminds me of Gatchaman Crowds and Tiger&Bunny, where the question is whether we needed heroes in the first place, or whether the people that Samumenco is protecting is worth it, considering all the bad eggs. It’s just annoying to see everyone whip out their phone and chase him around for the bounty.

    In terms of the police’s relationship with Samurai Flamenco/Flamenco Girls – perhaps there’s a partnership deal in the making? I’m still waiting on Goto in that uniform that’s show in the promo image. XD I’m a little iffy in the girls joining up with Mari so quick, but it looks like they’ll be a fun bunch.

    • Dan says:

      Hopefully Goto’s proposal for the police has some clause which prevents people trying to unmask Samurai Flamenco. Otherwise, I don’t know how they’re going to get around the tabloids.

      I… never got in to Tiger and Bunny so I can’t comment on any parallels or similarities, but I think the similarities between Samumenco and Gatchaman are worth looking at. I think there’s definitely potential to explore the idea you mentioned of, “Is everyone worth saving?”, but it’ll probably be dependant on our ultimate villain, if there is one. But both series have chosen to explore what it means for ordinary people to take up the mantle of a superhero. A more direct and thorough comparison once Samumenco is over would make for an interesting read!!

      YEAH, I’M WAITING FOR THE PROMO UNIFORM TOO. Goto rocks it. Although, I wonder what sort of strain it’ll put on Goto and Masayoshi’s relationship. Goto is frustrated by him enough as it is; imagine if he had to accompany Samurai Flamenco everywhere!!

  2. KF says:

    That honey trap! I would have probably take the bait on purpose…


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