Miss Monochrome: Episode 6

Miss Mono 1Monochrome is getting all sorts of applications tucked under her belt. She’s doing so much but it seems she’s still an ocean’s length away from her one, true goal: being a true and popular idol. She’s acted as Prime Minister, she’s done dramas, she’s gone out to space and earned herself a record debut of galactic proportions. She even does domestic jobs. The manager is the only one concerned that her odd jobs aren’t really “idol” material but it would make her resume look pretty interesting if an idol company were ever to come about to recruit. She’s an all-rounder and can do ANYTHING.

Manager “Do-Good” (I want to call him that) finally got her a role in a movie where she’s supposed to be a character who heroically rescues a child from a burning building. Mono bursts out from about three stories of the building, with Ru-chan clutched to her chest.

Miss Mono 2The director and his crew didn’t like it. It made no sense to them and there were no smiles. But I was rolling around on my bed laughing. Mono never lets me down when I need a good laugh. She didn’t get the role after that audition but Do-Good was quick to find her another acting job, where she was to be “surprised” when a camera crew comes in to frighten her. It’s something like Punk’d, in a sense.

The host sounded like a stalker and rapist. I was not comfortable with his whisperings – especially since I had in earphones. They tried to sneak in but Monochrome already knew, and pretended to be surprised. And she overdid it.

Miss Mono 4She knocked the battery out of her operating system and…disappeared.

The episode of that show didn’t broadcast.

But….how come when she changed the battery in that other episode – episode 3 when she became a hero – how come she didn’t disappear?? But I don’t really care about the details, Monochrome did it’s job and made me laugh at, yet again, another success but failure on her part.

Moral of the story: Don’t pretend to be surprised when you know a surprise is coming. You might disappear. Or die.

The end.



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