Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 9


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4 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    The conclusion this show has made me reach: human adults are evil. Except maybe that teacher woman. Whatshername. Nino-san. But all the other ones we’ve seen have been evil.

    Oh, and maybe Akkey’s mother isn’t evil, but she also hardly counts as an adult, so I didn’t even consider her as part of that.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah basically XD The teacher is just an awesome character looking for love!!! And Akihito’s mother, same poor guy she always quite a show. Poor Akihito, she just can’t cut him any slack can she?

  2. shiemi says:

    “It does surprises me a bit to see that Mirai is being manipulated by Izumi, not even hesitating to try and kill Akihito despite his warm human face popping up in her head.”
    It’s not surprising, considering what Hiroomi said. It may have been lost in translation, but what Hiroomi said in his call to Kuriyama-san hinted that she was planning to kill Akkey all along, from the moment she first met him.
    But it’s just a hint, and my interpretation. Can’t wait for the truth to be revealed~

    • Eva says:

      That makes more sense. True, Mirai had been trying to kill him in the beginning, and then we saw that brief flashback this episode
      that I do not recall seeing before. So perhaps it’s goes even deeper than that of that it was Izumi who had told Mirai to target Akihito in the first place.

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