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The first half of the episode was quite mild, but the very moment we saw Miroku pick up Mitsuki, I felt the tension quickly developing.

Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 8 Img 0010What I find rather strange though is that Izumi never told Mitsuki about their family’s relationship with the Society of Spirit World Warriors. It was only today she had found out that they have an antagonistic relationship and that the Society of Spirit World Warriors have always tried to create a rift within the Nase Family. However even Hiromi have not been given the entire story, only receiving a heads up to be wary of them.

Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 8 Img 0027It wasn’t just Miroku who I was keeping a close eye on today. As mentioned in the above, Izumi did something to Akihito (which she had tested on a Human earlier) and right now it is very difficult to pin-point Izumi’s motives, and whether they are for the greater good. Frankly speaking, Izumi is a character that is extremely unpredictable and full of secrets. We don’t know who she’s working with, we don’t know what her reasons for doing whatever she had done to Akihito when we know that the Calm temporally weakens the Youmu. In short, it’s impossible to pin-point whether she’s a good guy or a bad guy with her own propaganda. Yet despite being shrouded in her mystery cloud and getting the answers we want to hear, the only thing that was revealed today was that it was Izumi who had prevented Mirai from being killed by the Inari Family for having murdered Yui in the first place.

Nevertheless; it turns out that Izumi’s motives for stepping up to protect Mirai from being killed may be connected to the Beyond the Boundary, or so that’s what Miroku said. If what he says is true, I wouldn’t put it past me for Izumi taking full advantage of Mirai’s ‘cursed’ powers since it was Mirai who had defeated the Hollow Shadow (which Izumi now has in her hands). Since Mirai succeeded (with Akihito’s help), I’m sure this makes her a vital tool to whatever her plans are against the Beyond the Boundary youmus.

Speaking which, we were told today that many of the more powerful Youmu (like the Hollow Shadow) have no physical form. These youmus are generally referred to Beyond the Boundary. Miroku revealed that the Society of Spirit World Warriors having been keeping a close eye on it to defeat it and was hoping to get some secretive information from Mitsuki (who naturally was on guard). 

Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 8 Img 0044It is almost weird to see Akihito’s Youmu powers taking over during The Calm, but I have a feeling it might be because of the fact he is in a weakened, vulnerable state. Remember how Akihito was stabbed and was in a critical state after having been possessed by the Hollow Shadow and being stabbed by Mirai despite his immortality? Perhaps this is the effect, only amplified due to whatever Izumi had done to him to trigger the fever in the first place. Perhaps (if Izumi did this with good intentions in mind) it was to be served as a precautionary measure so that Akihito would be capable of defending himself against Miroku. However, despite his Youmu Instincts taking over (there’s no telling right now whether he will go berserk like last time or not), Ayaka had specifically warned Akihito that he may be stripped of his immortality during the Calm. Since Ayaka had mentioned that, I do think that’s what’s going to happen. Another interesting tidbit is that Akihito hadn’t been sleeping well (the glasses fetish felt more of a cover to the audience) as he has been having flashbacks of his past. The first one was about his friends freaking out how he was unscathed after having been struck by a car, and the second one was another occasion where he apparently may have killed someone. Whether this is part of the effects of the Calm, we aren’t entirely sure but it definitely adds more darkness and depth to his past (especially if he had killed someone not once but on two occasions).

Finally the wrap things up, we still don’t know the reason why Miroku needs Akihito, as he has been targeting him for a while now. Izumi was obviously well aware of this since probably, forever. It is good to see that she had showed up as backup for Ayaka who is quite powerful despite the Calm’s Effect (also her Youmu form is AWESOME). Miroku had mentioned that he had planted the seeds, and that the time should be ripe for whatever they are planning.

Oh and one last thing: It was great to see Sakura and Mirai on good terms =v=// and of course Hiromi being the badass brother with a sister complex he is.


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3 Responses

  1. mangaka-chan says:

    I think that Izumi sealed Akihito’s human conscious, much like what she did earlier when she was practicing the spell on the girl who worked for her. As to why Izumi is doing this when she knew the Lull would reduce a youmu’s power is hard to say.

    My best guess at the moment is that the Nase have wanted to kill Akihito for a long time now, but because 1) he’s still half human and they can’t justify outright murder, and 2) when he takes too much damage and reverts to youmu form he becomes too powerful to kill (or rather, is almost impossible to kill because of his immortality). Whatever gain they might get is outweighed by the cost it would take to take him down. Thus, they’ve let him stay on their territory to keep an eye on him, while at the same time plotting a way to kill him at the most opportune time. Izumi could be trying to bring out Akihito’s youmu side on purpose so the Nase family can kill him while he’s weak and at the same time make it justifiable by saying Akihito in his youmu form is too serious of a threat. They need the Hollow Shadow possibly because they know the Society might also want to kill/collect Akihito, and Izumi may need to infuse her weapon with the Hollow Shadow’s power in order to keep Akihito within the Nase family’s control.

    • Eva says:

      Damn I actually was fearing that. Shit is going to hit the fan if Akihito’s human conscious is sealed away. x___X;; YIKES.
      It is definitely a golden opportunity to kill him, even more so if Izumi had (secretly) sealed his consciousness as we fear and the others mistaking it for the Calm’s effect. It would be interesting to see her infuse her weapon with the Hollow Shadow’s powers in order to keep Akihito within their control, or perhaps use it to slay him if his power level turns out to be up to par with the Beyond the Boundary youmus and is stripped his immortality status during The Calm. But Izumi is quite powerful so it is a wonder whether she actually would need to use the Hollow Shadow to power up.

  2. Wanderer says:

    The preview makes me fear that Mirai is going to have to kill Akihito, and she isn’t going to handle it well at all these days.

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