Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Episode 8: One step forward, Two steps back

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Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 8 Img 0035FFFF— Saki just can’t catch a break from being abused ; _ ; I hope they will give her a chance to shine by kicking everyone’s ass after making her go through these ordeals!!! They used her as a public display on live broadcast of students abilities and pulled the god damn ‘Monster Card’ so that it would discourage all the countries who agreed to have a meeting to drop sanctions against Dorrisia and cut off all ties with Module 77.

Even though the episode was for most part relatively calm, from start to finish it kept me on my toes because I knew things were going to turn grim. It sucks because poor Shouko has been working her butt off to round up support from other countries and asked Golden News to do a documentary on them to help do that. Now all of that is going down the drain as they will surely they will lose all support since they are no longer going to be considered, “Humans” and the others will most likely say as to regarding the war, ‘Why risk our men who only have one life when you children are immortal?’ It’s going to be a cruel and tough battle ahead for Module 77, even worse when the the Phantom is around the corner.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 8 Img 0024However at the same time, the revelation of their immortality may slightly backfire against the Magius and Dorrisia. While undoubtedly people will call them monsters, there will also be at least a minority who will continue to support them as they will most likely identify them as ‘Hope’ or ‘Divine Beings’ who provide their best opportunity to take down Dorrisia. In particular I suspect the Royalists will be part of that minority, especially if any or the elite officials of that rebellion were aware that Lieselotte was not human (because she had at least attempted to reveal the truth about their kind, but we don’t know whether she had been successful or not). I also have a theory that X-Eins and (maybe) A-Drei (considering how remorseful he looked when he was checking up on Saki trapped in a bag) will most likely end up rebelling against Cain the minute they hear the evidence that H-Neuns had left behind in his earrings. I don’t know whether if all four of his earrings had recordings, but it looks like at least his his blue one did, which is the exact one X-Eins had chosen. So as soon as they find out, they may turn to Kriemhild, show her the evidence and if they want to rebel she will probably invite them to join the Royalist Rebellion.

Saki being at the Dorrisia base is definitely a wild card. As I just said in the above, now that they know she and the others are immortal and A-Drei knows about her abilities to possess people, things could either get really ugly for her, or will provide her rare opportunity that may provide a game-changer.

The Council of Hundred and One are quite pissed off with Module 77, and wants them off the stage since they are drawing a lot of attention to themselves. I suspect the The Council of Hundred and One are aware of Module 77 students’ sharing their immortal abilities, so I am sure will be an intense fight (especially when they supposedly have hundreds of Phantom ships).

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 8 Img 0018L-Elf had it rough this episode. He was absolutely shattered, tried to come up with countless alternative simulations of what he could have done in order to have prevented Lieselotte’s death. Unfortunately it was impossible, and there was no way to save her. I am glad that Haruto didn’t bother him too much and allowed him to grieve (because L-Elf needs to), but I expect Haruto or someone to storm into that room next week and slap him or something saying that they still have a war to fight. The problem is, with Lieselotte no longer in his life, he no longer has a motive. His goal was to save her, seek refugee in another country, and live a happy and free life. Right now ‘Revenge’ is the only new motive I expect from him, but it would be a pleasant surprise to see him decide to finish what he has started. There’s no going back, you have to move forward.

There was one discreet thing going on during the episode, and that is people disappearing. The first is Eileen, who was part of the Golden News team who haven’t been since this that morning, then we were told that Professor Kitagawa is missing and other people are missing too (who were supposed to be in the meeting room). Either the Harvest is already underway, or perhaps Eileen is an undercover spy who either serves Dorrisia or the Council of Hundred and One to ensure that the revelation of the students’ immortality was made public. Either way, it’s just as Mr. Barnet had said, it’s best to leave because they got a tip of that things are going to get ugly.

As of right now, I have my doubts that they can wrap up the entire story within thirteen episodes. I don’t know whether this is going to be a twenty four episode season rather than being thirteen like the first season, or perhaps we will have to wait again for Season 3 to air Fall 2014 (or sooner if the production is or almost done). There’s still an epic battle against the Council of Hundred and One (who they still lack information on and surely have a powerful army of their own kind), dealing with Dorrisia (best bet to round up the public is to prove that Amadeus and Cain are both Magius by pulling the Monster Card on them too because it would make them hypocrites), the Harvest Moon session which will either happen sometime next week or the week after, not to mention Cain still needs to be dealt with! That’s a lot of squeeze into five more episodes- or maybe that just sounds a lot because in my head I’m comparing the long epic fights to the ones we’ve seen in the Gundam Series.

Thank goodness they had a funeral for Marie (I WOULD HAVE RAGE QUIT IF THEY ONLY HAD IMPLIED IT), but it’s still so sad. ; ____ ;


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6 Responses

  1. KF says:

    So the truth is out huh? Now that it is, Jior can reveal to the world the existant of the Magius. At least if we’re all going down let’s go down together!


    • Eva says:

      Well it was definitely the Hundred and One Council who made that decision to reveal Module 77’s secret since they want them “off the stage”. This puts the team in a difficult position because the problem is whether people would believe them if they were to speak up about the Magius Society. I am sure Haruto and the others may try to warn everyone that the Phantom (a Magius Ship) is targeting the Moon and have been harvesting people for their runes, but the crowd and officials probably won’t believe them since they’d be more terrified or pissed off and accuse them for trying to switch subjects. So I suspect if they do, it will probably be too late.

  2. WandererYS says:

    >As of right now, I have my doubts that they can warp up the entire story within thirteen episodes. I don’t know whether this is going to be a twenty four episode season rather than being thirteen like the first season, or perhaps we will have to wait again for Season 3 to air Fall 2014

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be 52 episodes in total.

    It makes me wonder if the Magius’ bodies also have super healing powers. I understand that they can shift between bodies, but does their presence gives the body super healing like the pilots? I forgot if they mentioned this before.

    • Eva says:

      I’m fairly confident that the Magius bodies have super healing powers, and if not- well that would make the Haruto and the gang having a neo-Magius trait that makes them unique. As for the pilots shifting to another’s body, and keeping their healing/regenerative abilities I can’t remember. I think if we look back when Haruto was possessing L-Elf back in episode 2 of the first season might clear that up (that is if he had been graved by a bullet or not). But now that I think of it, I would think not because even when Haruto wasn’t in his own body at the time, it healed on it’s own. So I think it would be safe to assume it all has to do with one’s shell as rather than their entity.

  3. Crisp says:

    Revenge isn’t a motive L-Elf would chase after, he’s already said it was useless and denounced it. His family was killed in front of him (according to the profile) and never sought revenge either. His way to do things is unlike Haruto’s.

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