Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Episode 6: Twisted Disclosure

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AHHHHHH, there were so many exciting things happening this episode, I was pretty much holding my breath for so long, that my head eventually started spinning! This entire episode was information packed, and I could not be happier with what we got. The origins of the Valvraves (and who created it and what were their motives) were revealed, we got to see Lieselotte on screen for more than ten seconds and extra bonus: L-ELF’S REAL NAME!!!

Today’s mission was to rescue the JIORians who have been deported to a town nearby. They hope to get an idea of how things are going. One of the people amongst them who they are going to rescue is Haruto’s father.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 6 Img 0038Now last season we were told that Haruto’s father was involved in the VVV Project. It turns out (and I’m not surprised) that Haruto had been lied to about his father’s job of working at a Pharmaceutical Company which turned out to be a disguise for their researched. The entire VVV Project, and the scientists- in particular Dr. Tokishima (the leader of the project) had extremely twisted ideals to the extent it made me sick. Dr. Tokishima is without a doubt a mad scientist, blinded by his ambitions and ruthlessly using children who had no say on the matter because they are freaking newborns signed off to be living experiments by their parents. In fact, the VVV project was never a military project to begin with, the Valvraves only look all fancy like they do now because the army was sponsoring them so they decorated it with amor and weapons, but then a new project (I think? I re-watched this scene like ten times and I’m still not entirely sure so please don’t bite me) came into the picture and that was the develop the Valvraves and their pilots. So basically after decorating the Valvraves, they were inspired make the new species suited to pilot the Valvraves (so their genes and runes were all adjusted accordingly which is why not anyone can pilot a Valvrave). It was basically just as Dr. Tokishima said, it was plan killing two birds with one stone. The most revolting part of all is that Dr. Tokishima doesn’t even blink when he goes on telling Haruto and I quote: “The children of the VVV Project members are not only experiment subjects, but also hostages.” Like WHAT THE HELL?! That is so fucked up. And it just keeps getting worse as he enthusiastically tells Haruto as a Second Generation Primate now stands at the top of the food-chain, claiming that it is as natural as Humans eating pigs and fish. (Excuse me, genetically modified genes is FAR from natural). I swear to god I was just waiting for Haruto to just kill him! And you know what? His father doesn’t love him! He considers him as his prized creation! His so-called ‘picture’ of his son, is his fucking modified genes.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 6 Img 0004And finally the best for last! Liesotte and L-Elf (Mikhail) finally reunite after Kriemhild made a mistake of asking L-Elf if he knew of the name Mikhail. I was ecstatic because for the first time, L-Elf cast aside their mission and just ran for it, knowing that his beloved Princess is trapped in a tower at the very base they are at. I just pray to god that the two of them get out TOGETHER, because the poor girl is a prisoner to the Magius and that machine we saw last week, she was all chilled out about going into- TURNS OUT TO BE A FUCKING TORTURE CHAMBER. I don’t know what those green glowing marks (kind of looks like a flower) are on her, but I am under the impression perhaps it sucks the runes out of her. Cain comes in saying that was her punishment for betraying the Magius, where as she claims it wasn’t a betrayal but merely wishing to be honest. Interestingly enough rather than Dorissia, it is the Magius is holding her hostage. She also appears to be part of the former Royalists who were in power. In fact three years ago, L-Elf had tried to escape with her, taking full advantage of his position as a Dorissian Militant (perhaps part of the Special Force team back then to have pulled it off), but she told him that it wasn’t the right time since there was no safe haven for them. But this time, when L-Elf comes to take her with him, he ensures her that they have a country for them to run to, (JIOR obviously). I don’t know about you, but I found their entire scene of him bashing into the room like that with smoke everywhere was freaking romantic especially the bit of, “Please let me take you away” because he has been working so hard to reunite with her and get her out of that sick place. JUST PLEASE PLEASE SUCCEEEDDDDD!!!! Also I freaking ship it, it’s official they are my OTP for this show.

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“Please let me take you away”

There are a couple of more things I wanted to mention. It turns out that Kriemhild actually being an uncover Royalist spy working alongside with Liesotte. There was an interesting part seeing how Q-Vier (who is usually seen acting like a psycho) a bit uneasy and I dare say sad that H-E while on the other hand, X-eins is clearly trying to put the pieces together behind H-Neun actions since two of them were close.
Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 6 Img 0036Also H-Neun had dropped some hints beforehand by saying ‘be careful’ (but it’s a question of whether it has been overlooked or not). I am fairly confident that he doesn’t buy the “H-Neun was leaking military intel” which is why he looks uncomfortable around Cain. And finally, a bit of information about Red Thursday which we have up till now only heard about last season. A decade ago, a coup happened and most of the Royal family were imprisoned. On the Red Thursday, Dorssia turned into a military state that aggressively expanded. As mentioned earlier, I am speculating perhaps it was actually the Magius who plotted out that said coup. We have seen them acting out as the puppet masters, the leaders of the world lurking in the shadows. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the ones who were pulling the strings after-all, we were chosen Lieselotte getting punished by the Magius. Ah crap I almost forgot, speaking of the Magius the team was given a tip off by the Royalists that there’s a space-capable Phantom heading to the Moon.

It was quite funny to see A-Drei and Saki (who is still possessing the boy’s body) find her team’s ship only to find it empty. Unfortunately A-Drei had used that to let Cain know that the ship was (or appears to be at least) abandoned, which then Q-Vier ended up pointing out the most probable location the team had headed off too.

Oh man can it be next Thursday already, I am REALLY looking forward to next week’s episode now that we seen that Saki is going to be caught by A-Drei with her true body! Not sure how it happens since we haven’t exactly seen them find her body yet or maybe Akira did find it and brought it back to their ship.  Anyways I AM EXCITED!!!


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