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Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 5 Img 0033It is just as a I feared last week. L-Elf is low on runes and the worst part about it, is that he doesn’t care. He really should because without his vital knowledge, experience and his memories of his beloved princess, and most importantly, his life, his ambitions for his revolution will fall short and ultimately fail. Much to his dismay, Pino had told him that he is not compatible to become a Valvrave pilot. This is especially frustrating to L-Elf because he considers himself powerless. Haruto on the other hand, my fucking god I want to punch him in the face so freaking badly (in fact I think we all do). He is ticking me off like crazy. Guess what Haruto, it’s actually partially YOUR FAULT as well for Marie’s death and you better start owning up to it and stop being a fucking idiot. If Haruto had set his priorities properly last week and done his fucking job, Marie wouldn’t have had to go into the fucking valvrave and pilot it herself and die. Instead for majority of the episode, Haruto was a coward and was getting mad at L-Elf who was actually putting two pieces of logic together by suggesting if they have the students take turn piloting the Valvraves so that they won’t have to worry about the pilots running out of runes (which is a good idea- only if they can pilot the bloody thing).

I don’t know if this episode completely confirmed that while the pilots are immortal, they will eventually run out of runes and die, regardless if they feed on others. As I mentioned last week, we don’t know whether the rules are still the same from the time Marie was the failed prototype test pilot where Pino was absorbing her runes instead of others. Perhaps the rule is still the same, but the only way to prevent the pilot from running out of runes is to feed on other people and claim theirs. Another thing that I am questioning is whether the said Valvrave Pilot’s sudden berserk state was an instinct that was developed to warn the user that they are low on on runes in order to protect the pilot’s life.

Another thing I can’t help but wonder about is whether memories are consumed right off the bat. L-Elf hasn’t shown any signs of losing any memories, perhaps because he hasn’t thought back to any of his earliest to notice. I am wondering whether consuming memories is something that only happens when the supplier is low on runes (as Pino had told L-Elf today), but perhaps I’m better off not thinking too deep into it because I will only give myself a headache ahahaha/sobs.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 5 Img 0021Right off the bat, seeing X-Eins and H-Neuns looking back into the past of how they nearly died when they were assigned as little boys to take down a terrorist group only to be saved by Cain (who definitely had a far kinder personality back then- probably before he became a Magius), it was clear that one or both were going to die. Unfortunately it was H-Neuns who appears to have been killed by Cain after he most likely had shot and destroyed their Runes container (GOD DAMN IT, WHYYYYY I LOVED HIM). We haven’t seen his body, so we don’t now for sure what his fate had been, or perhaps he was just added to the many sacrifices on the ship. The worst part of all this is that H-Neuns knew there was something fishy going on ever since he witnessed Cain with supernatural abilities. And hearing that X-Eins was invited to a shady villa made it all more important for him to investigate and ensure his safety.
Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 5 Img 0043I suppose it will only be next week when we find out about will happen to X-Eins who appears to been a candidate Cain was planning to use to make into a Magius, hence the big ceremony they were planning. I have my doubts he will be able to get away as it’s a little too late to make a run for it now that he knows Cain had killed H-Neuns. However, while Cain had destroyed H-Neun’s letter to X-Eins warning him to be wary of Cain, it appears H-Neun had a backup plan of was looks like has been recording the conversation. So it will be interesting to see what will happen and whether anyone (most likely Kriemhild) will get the evidence/backup message (especially since she was the last person H-Neun had spoken to before he left to investigate).

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 5 Img 0044One of the scariest things about Cain and the Magius, is their technology (their ship going invisible and i bet you it can get near or even on the moon undetected) and this ceremony they were planning to host. Cain revealed they are now going to have to start the ceremony from scratch and claims they will need a new food source (but it’s a bit to vague to theorize whether they are searching for an alternative of Humans since they have been harvesting runes from them), it looks like they are targeting the Moon next.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 5 Img 0029I am quite relieved that Haruto and L-Elf were able to not only get aboard to investigate the Dorissian submarine “The Phantom”, but realize that it’s not the usual Dorissian emblem, but in fact something else (which belongs to the Magius). This will be crucial information and hopefully the Dorissia Royalists will have some exclusive knowledge on the Magius Society when the team meet up with them. However, I’m not entirely sure whether L-Elf and Haruto actually completed the mission as they were instructed to, but perhaps their newfound information on the sacrifices for the runes and the Magius emblem will be considered sufficient information that will be worth the exchange for supplies. Either way, I WANT TO SEE THE DORISSIAN ROYALISTS REALLY BADLY!!!!

In the mean time, Saki is still on her own, not sure if she’s still going to be with A-Drei or will return to the camp. But at least Akira has been sent out to search and retrieve her.


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