Golden Time Episode 6: Breaking Point

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Golden Time Ep 6 Img 0038Well, that escalated quickly. I didn’t think we’d see him snap so soon, but holy shit- when Banri snaps, he SNAPS. All that bottled up frustration and confusion took over him after he got sick of the feeling of being rejected by Kaga and claimed that he can’t be friends with her anymore. With that in mind, I am seriously questioning whether Kaga was being genuine when she had confessed to him at the end of the episode. It is very difficult not to when all Kaga been saying that she considers Banri as her precious friend throughout both last week’s and this week’s episode. So as of right now, I don’t think it’s genuine, I think she said it as a last resort method to keep Banri from leaving her side. I think over time yes, she will eventually fall for him, but right now- definitely not.

Golden Time Ep 6 Img 0030In the mean time, we also learned that Linda bears guilt and that she feels terrible that she was late to meeting Banri on the bridge to give him her answer to his confession. We don’t know whether she would have answered ‘Yes’ or not, but to me, I think it would have been a ‘No. As I suspected from last week, it looks like Banri and Linda shared a sibling-like relationship. She was always taking care of him, acting like his older sister since he was quite a crybaby and not to mention- quite clingy. In fact, I couldn’t help but notice the remarkable similarities between Past-Banri’s and Kaga’s personalities. And honestly I think Linda was somewhat on the same boat as Mitsuo, but was more delicate about it. Speaking of which, I found it very interesting that Linda had mentioned that Banri was like a bomb. One wrong move and she would/could have lost him. We don’t know whether this was during his stay in the hospital because he had an amnesia or that’s how he was when they were friends in school together.
Golden Time Ep 6 Img 0002It also appears that Linda was Banri’s only friend because of the way he reacted when he saw his name was missing on their graduation shirts. But honestly, it’s hard to say because we can’t exactly pin-point his personality based on the few flashbacks we have seen so far. Whether he was suffering a depression, anxiety or something entirely different, we won’t know until we are told. But if he was suffering something, it was grave enough for Linda to be concerned for his well being on his own since he was so dependant on her. Another thing that had caught my attention is how it feels like his past-self is simmering at the surface. In fact the way Banri had snapped, he was thinking that perhaps if he threw himself off the bridge again he could start over. Seriously, who knows what could have happened if Kaga hadn’t caught up!

Golden Time Ep 6 Img 0021Last but not least on the more brighter side of the episode: It was funny to see Banri offer Kaga and Mitsuo as tributes to the Tea-Party-Hard-Club who was next door again. I wonder what’s going to happen with Mitsuo and Chinami after she completely blew off his bold confession after Kaga had challenged him to do it (not expecting him to actually follow through). I also like that despite Chinami had met Kaga on a bad note, she still wants to get to know her. It would be nice if they could be friends though. In the mean time, poor Mitsuo, to have his confession blown off like that- that’s going to take some time to recover from that humiliation. Or actually better yet, perhaps it can be brushed off as a drunk dream.



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