Golden Time Episode 7

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Golden Time Ep 7 Img 0006I don’t remember the last time I have ever been so desperate for the angst bombs to be dropped. As some of you may already know or not know, I CAN’T STAND corny/cheesy/gooey/love-love romance. It makes me cringe and it’s not fun for me to watch. What drove me nuts is just how over the top Kaga was about her love~ for Banri (not that he minded of course, in fact he loves it) – and regardless of her explanation for her confession, I am still not entirely convinced that she is 100% in love with Banri. Ironically, her father hit the nail on the head after Kaga had introduced Banri as her boyfriend about Kaga making Banri her ‘new target’ (since Mitsuo is now set free for the first time in years).

However, despite my mighty-need for angst, I wouldn’t complain if Linda doesn’t harbour or develops any romantic feelings towards Banri because it avoids inserting a love triangle (and nobody likes love triangles).

Golden Time Ep 7 Img 0031Speaking of Linda, I was on guard the moment she stepped into the apartment because of the background music they were using during this scene. I don’t know about you, but it gave me the vibes of ‘trouble, or maybe it was just my bias because I was desperate for angst- actually you know what, I bet that was exactly the case. Anyhow, I am glad that Linda was finally able to talk with Banri after he has been steering clear and avoiding her all week. It was thanks to Nana who happens to be Linda’s friend who managed to get the two to meet by calling Banri on her phone telling him that there’s a leak and he should make sure his apartment isn’t flooding (which I must say was an effective plan). Linda confirmed my suspicions that she and Banri were close friends that had a sibling-like relationship. However Linda didn’t let him know what her answer of the confession was. Instead she tells him that she will always care of him, regardless of the fact he isn’t the same person he was before he lost his memories.

Golden Time Ep 7 Img 0010In the mean time, Mitsuo is having a hard time recovering from Oka’s rejection (and supposedly now in trouble, but you know how Kaga tends exaggerates the situation). He was initially going to shave off his head, but somehow ended up getting it dyed blonde instead. But interestingly enough, Oka didn’t consider his confession as a ‘legitimate’ one because he had confessed at a party. So it makes me wonder perhaps Oka does have feelings towards him, but would have rather had a confession somewhere private between the two of them instead of a public gathering.

Overall while it was seriously painful for me to watch because of the corniness, it was a solid episode that made progression. I can’t even with Kaga, she’s crazy with her plans. She thinks their first time will happen while they are in Paris. Well if there’s one new thing that we learned about her today, she is a romantic, obsessed with love, marriage and fluff.


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