Freezing Vibration Episode 9: Traitor



Pict675While still exciting, in hindsight this episode dabbled in scene-setting more than anything else, though I did enjoy seeing a bit of the fight between Julia and Cassie. Julia definitely knows how to get her priorities straight – there’s no room for perverted groping when the object of your affections is standing very firmly against the establishment. They should be thankful they have so many of the Top 5 following them without questioning their loyalty; Cassie is actually an anomaly in that regard – though she’s statiscally #5 (and thus the weakest of them). It’s actually quite unfortunate that she’s matched up against Julia – while impressively fast, Cassie’s still a close-range fighter, similar to Satella and Rana. Julia’s sonic waves are long-distance, and can be emitted from all directions, which immediately puts Cassie at a bit of a disadvantage. That becomes a fairly big disadvantage when you add in the fact that these waves are faster than Quadruple Accel (which is pretty much her signature move). Also note she hasn’t got her Limiter with her, which is never a good thing in a spat between Pandoras.

Pict681Even so, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible for Cassie to win – I’m sure she’ll somehow manage to rewrite that “incorrect data” :D I don’t think I can say the same about Elizabeth and her fight with Charles, though… the odds are very much stacked against her. Putting aside the fact that she’s not one of the Top 5, Elizabeth isn’t exactly in peak physical condition – I’m surprised she was even able to walk about so easily after enduring that horrible ordeal. Well, she’s right in saying that she only has to keep Charles occupied – I’m banking on someone capable (like Roxanne) turning up to help her when the going gets tough. Hearing Charles talk about feeling pangs of conscience after killing Gina made me think about how its hard to label these Pandora as “bad” or “good”; in many ways they’re just products of their environment, heavily influenced by their own worldviews. Just like how Elizabeth acted on her belief in noblesse oblige, Charles knows that those “men in power” are sacrificing a lot in their own right (I don’t know about that bastard who tortured Eli though) and is just acting upon what she believes. Ah, what am I saying? It’s a fanservice show with boobs everywhere, I shouldn’t be reading into it at all :D Even Scarlett Oohara got a naked shower scene this week, as strange as it might seem.

It’s all well and good for Satella to stand by Amelia as a fellow Pandora and comrade in arms… but she’s turning into a Nova awfully fast, isn’t she? And in all honesty, numbers, friendship and earnestness mean jack shit when you’re up against Chiffon (as the preview very casually showed us). I can guarantee that they’re not going to beat her. It doesn’t matter how many of them there are, or what new abilities they learn – they will get curbstomped by Illusion Turn without fail. One does not simply “beat” Chiffon; it just doesn’t happen. They’d have an easier time trying to talk her into letting them go, though it’s unlikely they’ll be allowed to do an Elizabeth and just stroll past her, if what the OP suggests is accurate.


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