Freezing Vibration Episode 6: Marionettes

Louis el Rapist.



Remember what I said back at the start of the season, about Freezing’s erratic plot and everyone having mental problems? I wasn’t joking.

Pict125This arc seriously gives me the creeps. I’d only ever read it once in the manga, and even then I felt that was once too many times. I’m still not sure I agree with their decision to animate it at this point – I doubt it’s worth cutting off the E-Pandora arc so abruptly for this sort of gimmick. But putting aside the inconsistencies this causes in the storyline, as well as the rushed pacing, my main problem with it is Louis el Bridget. I’d almost forgotten just how much of a fucking cunt he was – he deserves to get kicked by a horse and die.

While Satella’s trauma was already hinted at near the end of the previous episode, you’d have never guessed it was that significant. It seems to have been deeply ingrained in her to a subconscious level – she imagines lots of chains, and actively protests in her mind, but ends up completely submissive to Louis even after 4 years of not seeing him. And to think it was all for the sake of finding acceptance in the el Bridget family, in light of her disgraced parentage. Surely she could have asked for help from Violet, though? She’s older than Louis, and just generally seems like a nicer person (though Louis isn’t exactly a great yardstick to use). While all the Genetics Pandora acknowledge her distinguished lineage, in reality she has hardly any of the influence her family name would suggest.

I’d already written Louis off as a sick, vile little shit right at the very start, but that violation scene in the middle of the night was still pretty horrible. I don’t think she was raped this time, but I’m quite sure it’s happened in the past. I guess it provides a backstory as to why she was “untouchable” in West Genetics; long-term physical trauma is a decent explanation. Louis sure came clean to Kazuya fairly quickly – and it was great seeing Kazuya finally grow a pair after so long! Well… for about a minute, anyway. He finally has a role after being useless for the entire season :D Even after seeing the extent of control Louis has over Satella, he’s still not backing down at all.

On the flip side, it looks like Holly Rose is completely obedient to Louis – and seeing how Louis gets girls to obey him I wouldn’t be surprised if Holly is in exactly the same boat as Satella is. With everyone now standing in the rain (near a cliff), this arc shouldn’t last for more than another episode. The sooner it ends, the better.


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    To me, at least, Satella has always shown clear signs of post-rape trauma. I stopped reading the manga before it got to her reunion with that… individual… but I did see earlier flashbacks that just confirmed it. That creature is a monster, who should be fed feet-first into a woodchipper.

    I’m not even watching this series right now, but just seeing him mentioned gets me angry all over again. Ugh.

    • Vantage says:

      In the early parts of the manga I was probably too distracted by the gratuitous fanservice we were given :D But it was definitely hinted at through her fear of being touched, which is often linked to cases of sexual assault.

      From what I remember, I think Louis tries to justify himself next week. That really will infuriate you to no end!

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