Diabolik Lovers: [Episodes 8 & 9]

DiabLo 1

This episode we see how the witch mother (Cordelia) died. Each triplet had a part to play. Ayato stabbed her and had a lustful moment – wanting more of her blood – and she ran away from him to Raito for help. Raito pushed her over the balcony – and that drop must have been a four-story fall. Kanato came out to see her, had a candelabra and set her on fire.

DiabLo 2

I hardly felt any sympathy for her. She was a bit of a cunt mom so, that’s what she gets for being such a…cunty-cunt. But then again, isn’t killing a vampire the truest form of professing one’s love?? Isn’t that what one of them said?? Well, Cordelia sure as hell didn’t feel loved by all that torture and being pushed to her death.

All this came to light though after Yui asked Raito about her. She ran off afterwards, the knowledge too much for her, and like all clumsy heroines fell while running. She finally wants to leave and must had been regretting not leaving when she had the chance – which is exactly what Subaru said to her when he saw her. She seeks some sort of refuge from him – because he seems like the only normal one around – but he snaps at her and then says something very depressing about himself then hugs her.

DiabLo 3From the look of shock, Yui either thinks Subaru is crazy for showing her such strange affection. But Subaru is no different. He molests her, just like everyone else has. He tells her that the knife he gave her was to kill him, should he desire her. And if she can’t stomach to kill him, to kill herself – and save herself.

Yui, you must do the latter. Take yourself out of this misery.

Episode 9:

DiabLo 4

The awakening is at hand. Richter has come to see the soul of his lovely Cordelia, take control of Yui’s body. Is it necessary to mention that the first five minutes of the episode was just about her being sucked on by Shuu, and his commentary on how differently her blood tasted??

There is some closure to the notion that Yui’s father had knowingly sent her to the vampires to be the sacrifical bride. He was ignorant to this set up. And it turns out Yui was chosen because she was one of the most vulnerable humans that could be shipped off to a vampire manor without much difficulties. Go figure.

So I guess it’s just a coincidence that they chose a human strong enough to contain Cordelia’s soul until she had become accustomed to the body and could take it over.

DiabLo 5

Richter helped in the awakening, by just…idunno coaxing her to take over Yui’s body (because it’s full time something OF ACTUAL WORTH happens in this series of garbage, so far).

Every vampire brother is aware of the anomaly, and it seems the one affected by it the most, is Ayato.

DiabLo 6

Fear or is that bitter regret?? He didn’t finish the job. And now Coredila is back. For revenge?? I’d like to think so. I’d been surprised at how easily she had died at the hands of her three sons because I was thinking she was more powerful than that.

Lovely to see that there’s a plot twist – even though it has come in pretty fucking late. I can appreciate the effort. It makes me want to see what happens in the next episode. But I’m not expecting too much.


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