Diabolik Lovers: Episode 7

DiabLo 1The mysterious purple-haired lady from the first episode comes back in this episode. I’m wondering if Yui has some relations with her because it’s obvious she’s interested in her – interested enough to give her a look into the vampire brothers’ past.

DiabLo 2As expected, they were darlings as children but a select number had issues with their mothers. Kanato was just precious and he’s actually been toting Mr. Teddy around since forever.

DiabLo 3Ayato and his mother had issues and I see where Kanato got his angry streak from. The mother favored Ayato because he was the one to take over and so had to study and become bright – so on and so forth- But Ayato didn’t want to study, he wanted to play and get freedom the way Raito and Kanato did. But Mother made it clear that if that’s what he wanted than she’d have no use for him and pitch him over into the river because that’s where all worthless people were to be discarded. At the bottom of the ocean…which connects to that flashback in episode 2 when he was underwater and reaching out for her but she didn’t help.

DiabLo 4Shu also had a similar situation with his mother – he was a successor but his mother wanted him to learn discipline and not waste precious time with trivial things like playing with dogs and…being a child. So that was Shu’s struggle while Reiji’s struggle was living in Shu’s shadow and being ignored by their mother. So I guess that was why he later decided to kill her when he was older. But then I remember one of the brothers saying that killing another vampire is the truest form of showing one’s love…

DiabLo 5Subaru’s struggle was being kept away from his mother, who seems to have been locked away in a tower. He was also seen with the silver knife. After all that past revelation, the woman put Yui back into the present and Ayato found her. There was some minor chatter before Reiji joined them and Ayato bit her neck, while Reiji went dental on her thigh.

DiabLo 6Ayato got bored and walked away but Reiji stayed to enjoy his piece of thigh.


What is happening here? I feel like I’ve exhausted mentioning my many gripes with this show. Nothing makes sense. Nothing is adding up. Why did they even try to work with a plot for this thing?? This should have just been a full blown romance of who can get the human to fall in love and turn her into a vampire with the BDSM works. I’d have liked it better if they didn’t even try to have a plot because it is written so damn poorly.


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2 Responses

  1. Noc says:

    Forget romance, they should have just made this a full-blown hentai series of a few episodes. Because seriously? Seriously. That’s the only way anyone would get any kind of satisfaction from this show. Even the romance side of this is horrifically bland. It’s like…it’s like that other awful vampire romance starting with a ‘T’ that I shouldn’t mention. Only more gothic and less high-school (speaking of which, what ever happened to school? Why did they bother establishing night classes it’s not important? Mah gawd.)

    I’m just clawing my way through this series for the sake of an AMV I started making. Good anime or bad anime, if I find a song that matches perfectly then I gotta make it…I just wish they used their budget a bit more, especially considering how short the episodes are…maybe they could make some of the shots more artistic or make the animation more…I don’t know…I mean, even if what’s happening is important or exciting in theory, if it’s boring to look at then what’s the point? Siiiigh…

    Anyhoo, I’m more or less waiting for the moment when Yui goes knife-crazy vampire and starts murdering everyone (hopefully).

    • charlmeister says:

      Yui has dropped out of school because of her many distresses living with horny, bloodthirsty boys. How can she focus on school when she doesn’t even have the steady blood flow to concentrate on anything?
      Sadism is as far as the romance goes in this thing. And DiabLo could have gone somewhere. There were a lot of sub-plots they could have picked up on and work with – they had the material. Yet, they trashed and burned it.

      S&M and blood-sucking are not enough. And the characters are piss-poor as well. Lol, reading your comment just got me fired up more about why I’m so disappointed with this. I agree with you on this being better off – FAR BETTER OFF – as a hentai series. The script must have been too boring to make them want to try and be a bit more creative with the animation.

      Ha, I doubt that will ever happen but it would be really amazing to see that turn of events.

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