Samurai Flamenco Episode 3: Identity Crisis

Samurai Flamenco Ep 03-17

So far, Samurai Flamenco has been a fairly low key anime. Nothing mind-blowing has really happened, but you’re slowly drawn in by the trickle of developments each episode. Is Masayoshi ever going to be the hero he dreams of? Why is Mika so interested in the superhero? How does Goto put up with the ever-so-slightly delusional Masayoshi? And how long is the expiry date on the curry Masayoshi loves?

Things are starting to get interesting on Samurai Flamenco! Rumours abound that Masayoshi is indeed the mysterious Samurai Flamenco, despite his protestations on air and to his manager. Masayoshi’s career as a model also seems to be picking up, with him being recognised by people in a store, and being invited to once again star on the Wow Show. Here, it is announced there’s a one-million Yen reward for the person who reveals the identity of Samurai Flamenco. In response, an imposter Samurai Flamenco is unmasked on air, who also happens to be Masayoshi’s childhood idol, Joji Kaname. Masayoshi is upset by this and confronts him, only to end up as Kaname’s student.

So Masayoshi has got himself a teacher! And one who’s competent! This is going to be very interesting as Masayoshi manages to get some combat training and might actually be able to really make a difference in society. Where this goes from here is anyone’s guess. I’m still hoping that Masayoshi manages to get a hold of a super suit and kick all kinds of ass, but I’m not sure that’s going to be the case. From what we’ve seen so far, there’s been no indication that there’s anything sinister going on behind the scenes. At this stage, I would say we’re going to see Masayoshi struggle to balance his work and superhero life, and keep his identity a secret while his popularity increases. Given Masayoshi’s naiveté, this could prove to be hilarious.

Goto and Masayoshi also look like they’re becoming a lot closer. Especially after the events of the previous episode, I think they’re a lot closer, and Goto has a greater appreciation for Masayoshi’s dreams. This episode makes an effort to really highlight this. Goto and Masayoshi are hanging out without Masayoshi needing to ask, and Goto’s no longer commenting on Masayoshi’s superhero obsession. In fact, it even looks like Goto is taking an active interest in it. Even though he does ask Masayoshi to consider handing the role of Samurai Flamenco over to Kaname, he’s more than happy to support him in his attempts to take back the role. How their relationship progresses, and how Goto will fit into the “Samurai Flamenco scene” has the hero becomes more famous will make for good viewing. I really hope we get to see a meaningful friendship develop between the two.

The journalist Akira Konno seems bent on exposing Samurai Flamenco’s identity, however, and I imagine he’s not going to give up, especially after Kaname’s announcement that Samurai Flamenco is his protégé. For the next few episodes at least, he’s probably going to be the antagonist as he attempts to unmask the hero.

Mika is also an interesting character. When Goto disguises himself as Samurai Flamenco, she’s able to tell it’s an impostor. Who is she, and why is she so interested in Samurai Flamenco? Is she perhaps another superhero fanatic, wanting to make a difference, and also not wanting to grow up?

So once again, while the developments in terms of plot weren’t huge, we still got the biggest development so far. Masayoshi is receiving formal training on how to be a hero. I’m sure the training will be top notch and useful, but whether or not Masayoshi can actually use it remains to be seen. At any rate, seeing him in action should be hilarious.


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  1. Your reviews are TERRIFIC and I really enjoy all of the great screencaps you do. Your remark about the expiration dates on the curry made me laugh far too loudly! Good job!

    Since “Samurai Flamenco” is already licensed and running on, I’m a bit behind but that’s fine. I’ll be back to read your reviews after each and every episode!

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

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