Miss Monochrome: [Episodes 3, 4 & 5]

Miss Monochrome 2Miss Monochrome is so amazingly random and hilarious that I can’t find any fault with it. I’m not even watching it to find fault. I haven’t watched many anime shorts but Monochrome bumped itself up easily to my number one favorite, pushing Sparrow’s Hotel to second. In episode 3 there was an alien invasion that Monochrome stopped.

Miss Monochrome 3Using an Evoluta battery that she got as a reward from her manager for being such a hard-worker at trying to be a more popular idol. So once again the day is saved!! Thanks to the Power Puff-…Miss Monochrome!!

Miss Monochrome 1And Ru-chan lives!!

Episode 4:

Miss Monochrome 6Mono wants to have a nendoroid (in other words, her own action figure) in stores. But to do so, she has to become more popular as an idol to have her action figure made. However she takes things into her own hands and creates a mountain of stuff. From stamps to an awesome scooter, the specific name for its type I do not know.

Miss Monochrome 5Then she transforms herself into her Chibi form!! And no one can deny the overwhelming level of cuteness that Chibis invoke without even trying. And that transformation bumped up her popularity votes and got her her action figure on the market.

Miss Monochrome 4Funny story: Her action figure became more popular than the idol herself…irony of ironies.

Episode 5:

Miss Monochrome 9It’s Halloween!! I love how they just stick the pumpkin in the episode. Her manager managed to get her a job at a function as a Halloween cosplayer for a two-hour show for kids. Now, Monochrome’s goal is to have people screaming for her the way they do for the idol she looks up to (and I can’t remember that one’s name).

Miss MOnochrome 8This doesn’t capture the entire theme of Halloween but it’s so cute, I wouldn’t mind seeing this. It would be a breather from all the horrible Jeff the Killer, ghoul, Samara and Jigsaw cosplayers walking around. But she got the right idea by sticking a Wi-Fi transmitter on her forehead and used the internet that way to get all the information she needed about Halloween.

the kid in the blue <3 xD

the kid in the blue <3 haha xD

She came up with that and had the kids screaming for her…but to get away from her – not with appreciation for her. But Mono doesn’t know that so she achieved her goal. And that was the end of the episode after her manager apologized repeatedly to the producer for the trauma she caused among the kids.

I absolutely love this little series and how in each, Monochrome achieves something she wants to do – even when the end result is backward from what she wanted. That just makes it all the more hilarious and fun to watch.

My big question though: How the hell does the convenience store manager just become an idol manager, and manage to do all of this for Monochrome??


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