Miss Monochrome: [Episode 2]

Miss Monochrome 2In this episode, Missy Mono says goodbye to her last – and only – family member, Ru-chan; that had an overload during a morning cleaning session after Mono left to restart her idol career. It acted like a vacuum, sucking up all the scattered papers on the floor and the entire time I was wondering if something bad wasn’t going to happen. In just a couple seconds in the first episode, Monochrome got blindsided by Mana and in this episode she loses her only pal. The poor thing. Miss Monochrome 3

At least some of the odds are in her favor because she got the opportunity to restart her idol career. And that manager. What sot of connections does he have to give Monochrome exactly what she wanted in just a day?? Probably he owns other business or just has a lot more links than any person would think to be the usual by just one glance at the guy. Miss Monochrome 1Mono got herself a new battery too – Alkaline batteries – and it makes her glow! Had she come home earlier from her photo shoot, she could have possibly saved Ru, that needed that new battery life as much as Mono did.

I feel a little sad for Mono, even though she’s an android, I’m certain that small moments of loneliness and sadness at the loss of Ru will traipse through her mind and wired body. She’s going to have some very human experiences and even though her facial expression is stuck in that default, indifferent gaze, her voice holds a lot of emotion and that’s a good balance: what her facial expressions fail to convey, her voice will do that perfectly for her – even though the trippy moments make me smile.Miss Monochrome 5

I still cannot get enough of the ED and that little dance!!


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