Meganebu!: [Episode 2]

Meganebu 1

Megane, super ultra fantastic pose~! (he must have double joints in that hand) 

This episode: The “battle” to create the strongest frames and why Hayato was allowed in the Glasses Club.

Meganebu 6

Hayato is basically a lackey/reject in the Glasses club. Just because his glasses has no lenses, coupled with the fact that he just wears glasses for fashion. I actually don’t see the point of wearing fashion glasses without the lenses. I guess I can understand Akira’s slight disapproval, now that I’ve given it some thought. Glasses without lens is like a smile…without your mouth there. It doesn’t look right.

Meganebu 5Hayato found some photo albums of the club members in their old club room, where he was cleaning and realized that he wasn’t in any of the photos. The reason is Akira usually makes him take the pictures because he has no lens…also, he doesn’t have shit visiion, so he’s the best person for the job. But it’s also a little unfair. At least one photo with him would have been nice. What’s the point of being in a club you enjoy, with people you like – one who you despise – without even a single photo of any moment you shared? Akira, you’re a dick – but still cool.

Meganebu 4He was only allowed in the club because of Akira’s extensive research into the boy’s ancestry. He found out that his great (x16…I think) grandfather, Ouchi Yoshitaka, was the first in Japan to receive the first pair of glasses. And I would have thought that just the mere appreciation he has for glasses – without the lens – would be reason enough to let him in as a support member of the club.

Meganebu 3He finally got his name up on the board but the position of his name tag doesn’t make me anymore comfortable about his actual place among the club members. Akira, you’re a terrible leader!

Meganebu 2Akira and Yukiya are childhood friends. The second half of the episode summed up his childhood as being rejected by his “friends” or classmates because everyone thought he was a bad luck charm – he did cause a lot of bad luck for himself before he had that recollection. Akira found him, teased him and that’s how their friendship started. Yukiya ran to Akira’s house to escape this crow that was chasing him to peck the crap out of him because he’d flung mud on the bird.Meganebu 0And the episode ended with these two having a glasses-arm wrestle for the newer strongest frames.

Another silly episode full of laughs – for me. It doesn’t seem like Meganebu will be enjoyed for its complete lack of plot and sheer stupidity/comedy. The only sense of some plot is the journey to create Mk. 34 X-ray Glasses (I feel amazing that I actually remembered that without looking back at the episode). Maybe they’ll be able to actually create it. Maybe Hayato will be more appreciated in the club. Maybe Hayato  and Mitsuki (who has hated him from the first day of school, I realize) will become best friends. Hatred is the foundation of most long-lasting friendships.

There was so much color. I can’t find this anime boring. There are just so many pretty colors going on and the background patterns – glasses everywhere – it just has my attention span all over the place.

I would end this with “Megane” just for the entire effect. But I’m not a fangirl yet.

So. Glasses.


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