Log Horizon – Episodes 3 & 4

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Episode 3 Impression:

I really don’t know hot to feel about Log Horizon. I feel as though it’s playing safe, every character is level 90 and I never need to worry about the outcome of each battle… I don’t know, I suppose that’s just the ‘shounen formula’; there’s no need to worry about a poor outcome to a battle because it was deemed winnable by the fact that the show is in fact shounen. It’s never going to shock you. However, it can be done, Attack on Titan proved that, so why isn’t Log Horizon doing it for me? Did I set my expectations to high? Am I looking for something I’m never going to find? Episode 3 only extenuates every worry I’ve ever had about this show and I just… I wish it weren’t so.

The show has many charming qualities, don’t get met wrong, and episode 3 exacerbates these as well – cute girls, wit, snark and an awesome game world to top it all off. But (at the moment anyway) all of the characters, a part from Shiroe, are bland, the battles aren’t really all that exciting and I feel as though we’re being told things that can easily be shown, although the latter may in fact be to do with Shiroe’s intelligence and experience. Take Akatsuki, for example. Now don’t get me wrong, I love her character, but it feels as though she’s been tacked on to the group so that, firstly, they have a female member and, secondly, they have someone cute. For the last two episodes her routine has been the same: hit Naotsugu, sneak around in the woods and blush whenever Shiroe is nice to her. That’s all she ever does and, well, it’s going to become tedious… probably… who can get angry at those big, shiny eyes thought, am I right?

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If I can credit Log Horizon on anything, it’s it’s opening. I mean, seriously, the episode’s aren’t anywhere near as epic as the OP makes out. But I digress, episode 3. Our group of three adventurers are, as expected, still on their way to save Serara, the cute and silly red headed maid. The group dynamic is, as ever, amazing. This show could so easily become another .Hack, the characters talking incessantly and not achieving much else. However, Log Horizon manages to avoid this by keeping party conversations light hearted and comedic, throwing action packed scenes in concurrently to spice things up. That said… they really do like to world build don’t they? In fact, when they’re not joking about or falling in rivers, Shiroe is informing viewers about the state of the world and how things work. There’s a thin line between not enough information and an information overload, they nuances between which are extensive and purely objective. Some people prefer (myself included) to have a low level character who figures things out for them self; some people prefer the exact opposite. It’s all about preference, I suppose, but you’re only going to be finding the latter within Log Horizon.

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Debauchery Tea Party is playing a passively aggressive role in this series, Shiroe often finding himself thinking back upon his days with them. And I’m pretty sure that i saw a tall, cat looking figure in that line-up during episode one… Nyanta? The white knight… neko… kneko… tee hee. Nyanta comes across as sly and manipulative, but I can blame my prejudices on Shrek, who knows what Nyanta is like? Perhaps he’s lovely, perhaps he’s just a nice guy helping and little girl… or, maybe, perhaps he’s a pedophile kniving bastard who will stab Shiroe in the back the moment he least expects it! Huh? No? He’s given no indication of this? Highly unlikely? Try telling that to Naruto… and Ichigo… But in all seriousness, I doubt that Nyanta is a bad guy, I do, however, have to wonder what he’ll add to the group when he, inevitably (be it now or in the far future) joins the group…

Episode 3 of Log Horizon, like the two episodes before it, was charming… but it wasn’t enthralling. I wasn’t captivated; if anything I found myself rather bored at parts. I know it can get better, I feel it in my gut, but how long will I have to wait before that occurs? Will it ever get ‘better‘. Only time will tell.


Episode 4 Impression:

 Demikas you lolicon bastard! How dare you threaten to hurt Serara! Go Shiroe go! Kick his ass- oh, wait the battles over. Phew. Oh, hey, I didn’t see you there. Welcome to my episode 4 review of Log Horizon, sit and stay a while, light up a cigar and allow me to take you on a journey. A journey into the world of Rogu Horaizun, or, Log Horizon for all y’all English speaking folk out there.

 Put simply, this was the episode! Action-packed, clever tactics and with a good set-up to end it all off, yes, Log Horizon is finally showing us what it’s capable of. I’ve been waiting for a battle on this scale for a while now and, whilst not the largest battle imaginable, it had me on the edge of my seat from the word go. That said… Demi-glace ( ;) ) you imbecile! How were you tricked so easily into a fight? How cliche. Whilst Demikas was being an idiot, Shiroe was being a genius and, whilst I never doubet the outcome for a single moment (sadly), everyone’s favorite group of oddities won the day and Akatsuki did what she always does: “hit Naotsugu, sneak around in the woods and blush whenever Shiroe is nice to her“. I’m not sure whether I’m happy or sad about the latter…

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 Is Shiroe going to form a guild? He’s collecting quite the group… I can’t help but feel as though that’s where this series is going, what with Shiroe’s defiance of pre-existent guilds and the amount of people he’s meeting. And, honestly, I can’t wait until the new Debauchery Tea Party is formed, I mean, firstly, it will allow for large scale battles every episode (or… you know… whenever) and the group dynamic will be rich and wholesome, perhaps even more so than it is now. Also, I want more Serara… she’s such a little cutey, you know?

 And what about Akatsuki? Just what is she thinking about? Perhaps she feels excluded? Perhaps she’s finally realized that she’d performing the same tasks every episode? Maybe she’ll mix it up a bit next time?! Oh, the possibilities.

Log Horizon Episode 4 Image 0003

 Log Horizon episode 4 did it’s job well, but it failed to produce anything more substantial than shows like it beforehand – I’m still not blown away. If the series continues like this I’ll drop it at episode 13, so as to coincide with the beginning of a new anime season, but if Log Horizon can show me beforehand that it’s something worth blogging about, that I should invest my Saturday and Sunday evenings blogging about it, i’ll continue right up to the 25 episode mark no problem. However, until I see that change I can’t promise any more than 13 episode of posts. That is all… Oh! And the episode was pretty darn good… just thought I’d throw that in there.


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12 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Given the number of people familiar with the source material who say this series is about politics and social issues, I’m not sure you’re looking for the right things when you’re watching this show.

    • Chris says:

      Perhaps, but, honestly, there’s no way you can say that either political or social issues are being addressed in the show so far. I love anime that address more ‘adult‘ issues, however Log Horizon isn’t one of those (for now). Sure, it’s great at talking about and mocking MMO mechanics and cliches, but social and political issues? No, not yet anyway. Even Maoyuu Maou Yuush (by the same author) delved faster into the economic issues it was dealing with than this and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha was much less enjoyable (in my opinion anyway).

      • Wanderer says:

        You don’t think so? The entire descent of Susukino into chaos is a social issue. The reaction of groups people when they believe they are free of consequences is a social issue. How people behave when they have no goals and no threats to their lives is a social issue. Marielle gathering up the guilds, presumably to form an alliance of some sort, is a political issue. Even Shiroe prior issues with people constantly bothering him and driving him away from human contact until he joined Debauchery Tea Party count as a social issue.

        And there’s probably more that I’m not thinking of right now. There’s plenty of stuff here. The show isn’t beating you over the head with it while screaming “LOOK HOW CLEVER I AM FOR TALKING ABOUT THIS STUFF,” but it is there if you’re willing to look.

        • Chris says:

          Point and case. I apologize for my ignorance pertaining to the various political and social connotations in this show. I’ll admit it, I like it when a show doesn’t assault me with an affluence of knowledge (I mean, that was one of many things wrong with Maoyuu), but I can’t help but desire something more relatable. Call me a slave to my first world issues. Whilst there are some aspect to this show that are relatable on a wider scale, a lot of the points you extracted, like the gathering of guilds, come across as more of a ‘plot point’ than a ‘political issue’, but, I suppose, that it’s your prerogative to take from any anime what you will. I suppose I’m not enthralled enough to search for a deeper meaning and that’s why it has alluded me. Who knows? I’m giving the show a chance, it might get ‘better’ and I might begin gleaning more from it, but until then I shall, more than likable, remain ignorant. And so again, I apologize.

          • João Carlos says:

            Take note that ask to Shiroe to join guild is a political acto too… a good quantity of veteran players know sghiroe and know he is the “strategist”. Any guild that have Shiroe as member have a good selling point for find more members.

            So, the first episode had a political element. Re-watch the episode thinking “Marielle asked Shiroe to enter guild (but not asked to Nao) because Shiroe is a marketing asset”.

          • Wanderer says:

            The series does have many levels, that’s quite true. I’m just worried that the ones you’re focused on may not be the same ones the creators are most intersted in, and so you’ll end up unhappy with the series because you’re not looking for what it’s trying to do. I’m really enjoying this series, so I want to help other people to see what it’s doing, to help them enjoy it too.

    • João Carlos says:

      While the series is about politics and social and economy issues, like Maoyu, because they have the same author, Log Horizon anime aparently is adding some combat scenes for make more interesting. Too take note that Maoyu anime not show any real combat, like the one the Hero had at the demon world.

      Yes, Shiroe will create a guild. But the reasons why he decide to create a guild will be given next episode, when Nyanta will reveal one or two secrets.

      If you don’t know the secrets Nyanta will say to Shiroe, he goes:
      1- “I am your father! Nyan!”
      2- “Come to the Cat Side of Force! Nyan!”

      Now imagine Nyanta saying it with the Arucard’s voice…

      Anyway, do’nt worrry, around chapter 10 the things will be more interesting, there are some battles ahead (and they will be great scale battles, 12 guilds versus mmmmmm….. some people that have an army).

      • Chris says:

        Not going to lie, when I read your final paragraphs my heat skipped a beat in gleeful joy. Ah, the wonders of wide scale battle.

        Blood lust aside, I agree, the actions sequences do indeed make this more enjoyable that Maoyu and it adds a nice mix to the often disconcerting discourse. I suppose I can only take your words for it and expect great things from Log Horizon ;)

  2. Anon says:

    I really, really must be getting old…why is the opening song good again? I for one have problems listening to half of it let alone the full version. The repetition of DATABASE is enough to drive me up the wall.

    • Chris says:

      I may perhaps be a little childish in my tastes, but I can’t help it! Blame the corruption of my generation! I’ve been brainwashed by years of pop infused English anime openings on Toonami, it’s not my fault, I swear ;)

      • Anon says:

        No, its fine, I’m just getting old yo :D

        Regarding the show, not much I can say you haven’t said already. Its incredibly bland and if it doesn’t pick up soon its going to be a real chore to watch later on.

  3. hackrabbits says:

    every badass needs a loli

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