Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode 3: Dream



Using the term “time loop” didn’t turn out to be so accurate after all! While the date technically remained the same, different things happened each day; it looks like no June 20th was exactly the same. The fireworks show happened half a month ago (how many of these things has Riki gone through?!) and the rain eventually progressed to snow. Everyone acted like snow in June was normal, and that was when I started doubting the legitimacy of the world he was in. Oh, and watching Kengo gently help Masato with his work was quite weird, too.

My suspicion of Kyousuke turned out to be far off the mark – it looks like the perpetrator was Kurugaya instead. She interpreted Riki’s wish to let his “peaceful days last forever” rather literally, and in tune with her own wish, she constructed this dream world in which June 20th would never end. It seems like, apart from Kurugaya, Riki was the only other person there who existed. While Kurugaya’s arc as a whole seemed very fast paced, it looks like JC Staff decided to cut the romance after all – which was the right decision, I think. The drama was even better without it; an abrupt romance would have devalued her arc. And of course, it would have been at odds with the new arc beginning next week, which will hopefully advocate Riki x Rin.

As someone who hasn’t read the VN, I must admit to feeling quite lost and confused – I feel I’d have been more in tune with the feels had I known more about what was actually happening. How was Kurugaya’s wish granted? Why has Riki forgotten everything? Is Kurugaya really gone for good? What did she mean by protecting Rin? Presumably the “fated day” is the day of the tragedy, and I have a feeling I’m only going to get the answers to these at the end of Refrain. After building up all this hype, it’d better be good.

I’ve also heard this is slated for just 13 episodes, as opposed to the 26 I was expecting. I hope that’s not going to compromise anything – Refrain’s done pretty well for itself, and the last thing I want is for it to crash and burn. Right now, it almost feels like JC Staff are slowly washing away all their past sins! In particular, their offering of a loli Kurugaya is satisfying indeed xD



I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Magicflier says:

    If you feel confusion above all other emotions, then that is normal + also unavoidable. :3
    At least we got to see another scene of Kyousuke lurking around as usual.

    Hrm, This is actually all of my own speculations, not related to the visual novel nor it’s story in any way but from what I remember… Kurugaya’s wish was to feel and experience emotion, especially love. That was probably fulfilled completely after multiple resets that she wished in her dream. The other heroine’s wishes were already granted by far, so Kurugaya was probably the only one left that wasn’t satisfied yet hence not wanting to end the dream of having fun together forever.

    To increase your load of questions, I wonder if there is a reason to create a loop now of all times… I mean stopping at June 20th after already being together for two whole months (or was it one month? I probably need to go back to rewatch episode 1) free of resets.

    • hackrabbits says:

      Well they never really did mention what was really Kurugaya’s wish, but it’s likely the feeling of being able to love and be loved by others that she wanted like you said. The other heroine’s wish also had their own abnormal twists that seem like magic to be able to fulfill it. It would’ve been been impossible without magic… like for Kud’s route, and how she was able to escape with that teleported object(?). I’ve always seen Kurugaya as an abnormal person, since she seems like she always knows everything. That abnormality probably let Kurugaya perceive things more strongly hence appearing to know about this weird resetting dream.

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