Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 5

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Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 5 Img 0030This episode was quite a soft-spoken episode. It felt quite right because the theme was ‘Everyone is Alone’. It’s interesting to hear that Spirit Warriors are meant to be alone, and Mitsuki had always kept that explanation in her head, despite the fact it does break her heart and she doesn’t like being alone. It’s sad because she purposely isolates herself from regular people (or so that’s what I’m assuming given for the gestures and the focus). That being said, she and Mirai throughout the episode were slowly bonding, and were quietly supporting each other from the get go. Mitsuki had helped Mirai find a job to help pay for her rent since her license as a Spirit World Warrior has been revoked by Izumi for having disobeyed the orders of going after the Hollow Shadow (geez, Izumi that’s some nerve you have to take away the Hollow Shadow’s ore AND her license for an entire month!). Luckily for Mirai is was a simple job, where she only had to stand there and be a model of a photoshoot- which turns out was for an obvious customer, Akihito. Speaking of the devil, he and Hiromi were acting a bit like creeps today, goodness gracious they make quite a pair once they are on the same page.

Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 5 Img 0031Mirai showed us development on her part, where she is starting to try and make friends and get to know people rather than isolating herself. She starts off with joining the Litery Club after being sold by the Gardening Encyclopedia that she has been dying to get her hands on for a while. She also no longer hesitates when it comes down to taking down the Youmu- and in return for that step forward that youmu she had slayed was worth 50 000 yen!!! Unfortunately she couldn’t take it because her license was revoked, but ended up being treated by Ninomiya with the money because she had been tailing that one for a while. (Did I mention how much I adore Ninomiya, she seems to be like a pretty darn cool character! I felt so bad for her when her date didn’t make it ; ____ ; ) And to top things off, Mirai was able to successfully persuade Mitsuki to go to the local festival with her.

Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 5 Img 0007Earlier in the episode we were given a bit of details about the Spirit World Warriors Society. They are a group that serve to keep identifications and records and produce Spirit World Warriors data which is kept from the public eye. I am definitely quite suspicious of  Miroku Fujima, one because of the way he looked at Akihito, and two the way Akihito looked quite unsettled to see he had drawn attention to himself.

Finally last but not least, the last bit of the episode before the preview, we see Izumi and Mirai meet during the festival. The scene was really brief, but it definitely made me nervous, especially because Mirai had taken a step back.

Extra Tidbits:
– It appears that Sakura is in fact still in town,
– Confirmed: The Nase Family is keeping tabs on Akihito because of the threat of what had happened last week.
– It appears that last week may have not been the first time Akihito had almost killed Hiromi


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