Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 4: The Monster Within


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7 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Thief! Thief! That was Mirai’s kill! She earned that fair and square! Izumi, you give that back! >:(

    • Eva says:


    • Magicflier says:

      …But doesn’t it seem weird though? They’re talking like they were hiding the defeat of that youmu from other spirit warriors, as if all the local spirit warriors are protecting the secret surrounding either Akihito’s half-youmu blood, or the last survivor of the ‘blood users’ clan.

      • Eva says:

        I agree there’s something weird going on. It would be interesting if it’s isn’t so much of a propaganda on their part, but actually the “Society” members being a threat against the local spirit warriors. It’s been plaguing my mind for the past few days on how Izumi was actually glaring at the guy (Society Spirit Warrior Member), as if a warning look to back off and don’t get too involved- especially since he was intrigued about Akihito’s half-youmu abilities

  2. KF says:

    What is Sakura’s motive here? I think that there was a window to kill Mirai but she didn’t take it. Could it be that her target was never Mirai but the Hollow Shadow all along?


    • Eva says:

      She was definitely trying to kill Mirai, but there’s a possibility that she was targeting the Hollow Shadow as well, two in one kill but Mirai was her priority obviously since she wasn’t fazed by the HS. She may be fuelled by her revenge, but it all comes down to whether she can actually pull it off or not because there were brief moments where we can see her questioning her actions.

    • Wanderer says:

      It’s possible that after what she saw in the nightmare place her motivation to kill Mirai was shaken. It’s really hard for us to judge because of how little we really know about Sakura at this point. I don’t think it was bad, however. If we basically consider this Sakura’s intro episode it still works. We’re left with questions, but they’re questions we can still work with because we’ll assume they’ll be filled in as we go along.

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