Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Episode 1: Haruto’s Resolve [First Impression]

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First Impression: /SCREAMING

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I actually avoided most of the previews, mainly because I didn’t want to spoil myself- I heard there were eleven!!!

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 1 Img 0040Well holy shit, sometimes when it’s been several months since the first part of the season, the tension simmers down, but not with Valvrave. They started off right where they left off and it was INTENSE. This episode was extremely informative along with characters- in particular Haruto who you have to give major props to Haruto for offering himself as the lab rat to learn more about the Runes and their importance to the Valvraves, along with how it influences his violent behaviour. He even made the resolve that he alone, will bear burden of the Curse along with the price and made the decision that once this shit is over, he will be sure to destroy them all with his own hands.

It turns out that Humans are the best resources for the Runes to recharge itself because of emotions which is one of the core. Once the Runes run out of energy, the Valvraves will fail to function as Runes are it’s fuels and its usual black exterior will turn white. As soon as that happens, the violent fits become more frequent and at the same time Haruto becomes weaker to the extent he can barely stand/walk on his own. In order to control the fits and keep ALL the Valvraves running, Haruto must feed on Humans on a regular basis, and he has chosen L-Elf to be his meal. We don’t know anything about the side of effects on the victims who are bitten to be recharged, but I imagine at some point or another, there may be a hefty price along the lines.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 1 Img 0002What we have saw in the finale, and in the opening in between the fight between Haruto/L-Elf and Cain, was the Council of the Hundred and One. The last time they have gathered was ten years ago, and that’s the exact same time Cain had become one of them. They call themselves Magius, or more accurately that what appears to be their ‘species’ as it’s clear they are no longer human. When they have gathered to meet the leaders of Dorrisia and ARUS, they called out Amadeaus of Dorissia to have trespassed the domain of the Magius. It’s a bit hard for me to determine, but I think they are referring to having attacked and trying to retrieve the Valvrave from JIOR, not to mention in secret as part of ‘opposing’ them’. Well not so much of a secret since Cain is their double agent doing his own thing. Anyways they end up biting Amadeaus to make him a Magius, but I honestly don’t understand why they had decided to do that, even more so- right in front of ARUS’ president. There’s a lot of questions about that, but the context of their mantra is: “Abandon thy body, and embrace a new one.” And by the end of the episode we hear from Cain that apparently Amadeaus goes by the name of Mirko at the council. I’m guessing that’s a new thing and part of becoming a Magius since we only seen that once we saw the stigma on him.  Honestly speaking though: I think we can all agree that the Magius has probably started out and is still a freaking Cult.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 1 Img 0049To make matters worse, now that Cain has a Valvrave- he is producing the Children of the Valvrave! Good Haruto, you’re in for a long war. Ah that’s right I wanted to talk a little bit about Cain’s Valvrave. If I had to choose one word to describe it, I would choose, MONSTER. It was a freaking monster. The Runes that were had last seen as light had harden and became a horrific weapon that even Haruto couldn’t stand a chance against. If it weren’t for Prue to suddenly be overwhelmed by whatever (certainly NOT by Haruto), L-Elf and Haruto would have been mercilessly defeated and who knows what would have happened to either of them because Cain was LITERALLY DESTROYING THEM.

Akira didn’t have too much screentime this episode, but when she did- She saved the team from Dorrisia’s Army clutches and anti-Valvrave irons and also kicked psycho kid Q-Vier’s ass in the process. Well served.

The fight, two months have passed and Module 77 arrived and landed in the neutral territory of the Moon, escaping the Dorssian Attack. They were given lots of aids and financial support , but they are now in a pinch since nobody wants to continue supporting them anymore, or bring in any politicians and let students seek refugee in their countries mostly because they aren’t taking the kids seriously, and are concerned about Dorssian Spies. But in the end, I wouldn’t rely on the moon to protect them now we know about the Magius party.

Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 1 Img 0046So Haruto and the team are now heading to Earth in hopes they will find some JIORians and the people who made the VALVRAVE so that they can become human again. Something tells me it’s going to lead them to the Magius or was intended to be used as a counter attack against them. In the meantime, Shouko will remain on the Moon with the students and do her duties.

It looks like H-neun is keeping quiet about what he had witnessed Cain doing while invading Module 77. He is obviously has been starting to question where Cain’s loyalties lie and his propaganda.

Overall this was a great start to resume the series. I actually thought that at the end of last season, that the team was screwed and this was going to be their defeat. Although they were defeated, they were spared because of Cain’s tactical retreat since he was able to retrieve what he had came there for. Better yet that means L-Elf has been spared for now from A-Drei. Also props to L-Elf for putting a tracking device on Haruto! And he was probably right about the beheading solution. Kind of like dealing with a mindless zombie.

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  1. TheVoid says:

    I think it’s likely the council has control over those they turn into Magius, which is why they probably turned Amadeus so they could completely control Dorrsia and why he now seems to loyally follow them. Technically the Magius clan isn’t just any freaky cult, but they have two of the world’s power reporting to them whenever it concerns Magius related affairs.

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