Golden Time Episode 5

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Golden Time Ep 5 Img 0030It was a really interesting way of storytelling by having “original” Banri’s spirit who possesses the memories telling us what had happened and how he wants his newly born self to remember what Linda meant to him. It’s quite a heartbreaker, but also so sweet of Linda to have encouraged Banri to go to Tokyo for University. She had told him that she was dropping by to visit a friend as a hospital, but it makes me wonder because he was being watched over and confined in room that they weren’t allowing visitors. If that’s the case, then it makes sense why Linda couldn’t meet up with him until he had snuck out of the hospital after curiosity got the better of him about the flickering light. However at the same time, (unless she was actually referring to someone else, and not him being at the hospital- but that is something that is very unlikely to happen) Linda didn’t let him know that they knew each other, she acted as they were strangers, and continues to be in the present. She is either acting this way because she hopes for him to remember on his own, or because of whatever relationship they had (be it romantic or extremely close friends) it hurts too much being forgotten. This brings me to my next point: Kaga told Banri how she admires Linda, because she is positive and seems to be enjoying life. But quite frankly, I think most of us can agree that Linda is has her own issues (one of them is definitely being forgotten by Banri), but does a damn good job concealing that (even more so now that he’s back in the picture). It makes me wonder how long Linda will be able to keep up that forte before she either breaks down on her own, or get confronted by Banri himself once he decides that he wants answers. Speaking of which, it’s interesting how in episode three, Banri was telling Kaga that he isn’t that desperate to get his memories back because that’s not who he is now, he is a newly born Banri. However this week we see him thinking back about it, recalling what he can, including events while he was hospitalized to try and put the pieces together now that he is plagued by the mystery of what his relationship is with Linda. Sooner or later, I expect him to be dealing with an internal conflict, debating whether he should pursue recovering his memories, or simply leave it.

Golden Time Ep 5 Img 0009After last week’s straightforward rejection and having been confessed by Banri, Kaga is trying to figure things out, starting off with telling Banri that she doesn’t share the same romantic interest, but would love to be friends with him. At the same time she is acting WAY over the top, drama-queen to the max- in fact, she and Banri compliment each other quite well in that sense when they are fooling around. (And mind you I am still astonished that neither of them have even CONSIDERED about joining the Drama Club!) Kaga had decided that she will try to living her life more positively- but that as expected didn’t last long and so that plan went down the drain. Seconds after that failed, Kaga’s cry-baby persona takes the lead and really it showcases her childish nature, but at the same time, also shows how clingy she can be. Funny enough though, Mitsuo had shown us that he can be just as immature when he wants to be after Taga took the opportunity to mock him after he learns from Linda that he has a tough Civil Law teacher.

As whole it was a very interesting episode, I really liked how they were telling the story, filling in the pieces that “Neo Banri” would not be able to provide until he finally remembered. Another cool thing about this is that it delivers the story in a different manner rather than the typical pieces of memories flashing through the character’s head from time time, usually not telling the whole story which leads to potential misunderstandings. Next week more memories from the past are in store, but we don’t know whether it’s the “Original Banri” or “Neo Banri” who is sharing that information with us. Anyhow I look forward to it.


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