Golden Time Episode 2: The Lonely Girl

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Golden Time Ep 2 Img 0029As promised I’m giving this show another chance. Well this episode is much better, I will say that much. Mitsuo has always been the one who Kaga has relied on hanging around with. But now that they are in college/university, Mitsuo is just sick and tired of it and just wants some space. Kaga unfortunately, doesn’t understand that. The sad part about Kaga’s situation is that because she’s considered ‘Out of their League’ nobody- not even club recruiters approach her until the Laid Back Club girl came around and talked to them for hours death. However the good thing about that was she didn’t shy way from Kaga, and it wasn’t Banri she was talking to, but Kaga as well because she actually dragged her off to a shop where they could discuss the club activities.

Kaga does seem like a sweet girl but because of her lonely circumstances it appears from time to time she can be clingy to those who she does become close to because she doesn’t want to lose them. I also find it rather interesting that she isn’t more excited that Banri continues to make the effort to become friends with her. But it appears that will change next week now that the two will most likely join the Laid Back Club.

Golden Time Ep 2 Img 0018Speaking of Clubs, the Tea-Club is like a devil in disguise. The Film Club has every right to fear them, they are demons, or more accurately DRUNK Demons and their so-called Tea Club is merely just a cover. They are really just a party-hard club and when those girls get drunk or reveal their true colours, all hell breaks loose. Poor Banri was dragged off into their party (and five more after that) while he accompanied Mitsuo at the Film Club’s party. Another familiar face was in the Film Club and that is Oka. She and Mitsuo are already getting to know each other since they are in the same English class. However I am sure if Mitsuo and Oka grow close, or heck maybe get into a relationship, Kaga is going to feel really down about that- I’m sure because in her head she believes… or rather wants to be together with Mitsuo forever.

Golden Time Ep 2 Img 0002In the beginning of the episode we saw that Banri walking through the woods in his hospital attire with a bandage head. We don’t know why he’s there or where he’s going but it looks like they will be dropping hints that leads up to it at the beginning or end or sometimes during the episode each week. He had met someone holding a flashlight, who appears to be Linda. Speaking of which, There was then a little bit when Linda was going to ask Banri something after having invited him to the Festival Club, it might have been related to that.

That’s about this week, I am giving Golden Time one more episode before I decide whether I want to cover this show or not. Anyhow I think those like myself  who didn’t like the first episode at all can agree this one was much better since it was not only more lively, humorous but also more interesting.



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