Freezing Vibration Episode 4: Mate



I felt slightly out of touch with today’s episode… I’m not sure why. Maybe it was because of the weird title – even retrospectively, I have no idea why they decided to call it “Mate”. While it’s not exactly a show of the highest calibre, I can’t fault Freezing for continuing to play to its strengths. Or more accurately, it’s pair of strengths. Heh. Charles had her clothes helpfully ripped during her fight (she didn’t even seem to care) while there was a shower scene with Elizabeth and Chiffon. I was actually disappointed with how much steam there was in that – come on, guys! You’re AT-X! You can do better than that.

Pict664Putting aside the fanservice, Gina died this episode. I can’t remember whether her mock battle with Satella also happened in the manga, but I’m sure Satella could have overpowered her if push came to shove. Either way, Gina would have started turning into a Nova if they pushed her any harder – and that would have instantly discredited Oohara’s Mark IV, which was something she clearly wasn’t willing to risk. So when Gina actually did start to transform, she decided to get rid of her. Charles was such a boss – even though I knew it was coming, her Typhon Tempest was still exciting. She alone fulfilled Freezing’s weekly quota of fanservice and violence, and managed to look cool while doing it. Those headphones ;_; And the Beethoven ;_; Gina actually made her work for a bit – Charles even decided to use her Volt Weapon in the end. Not unlike Cassie, I suppose Charles is a product of taking a particular High-End Skill to the extreme; I’ve forgotten how many clones one usually makes with Tempest Turn, but I’m sure eight is not a normal number. On the other hand, Elizabeth’s use of both Tempest and Accel made her a jack of all trades – but a master of none.

Pict680Of course, that’s not to say Elizabeth isn’t strong – she is, and overwhelmingly so. She’s got a strong sense of morality as well; she hesitated a lot after realizing Gina was still conscious. I think Charles was pretty shocked too, but in the end she carried out the orders she was given. Elizabeth seems to have taken it upon herself to help out Amelia and the rest of the E-Pandoras, more of whom will inevitably die in the next round of Mark IV testing. By doing so, she’ll be going against the establishment – something which neither Chiffon nor Charles are willing to do. Whatever she’ll decide to do, I hope the Mably family have enough influence to stand up against Chevalier; it won’t be pretty if she fails. That might be why she’s insisting that Satella doesn’t help her – she doesn’t want her dragged into something like this.

Amongst the Pandora at least, it’s been revealed that Mark IV was a sham. We sort of knew this already, but it hasn’t had a good effect on Amelia (who barely survived Mark III). Her mental breakdown in the wake of Gina’s death really wasn’t good… and on top of that, Scarlett Oohara has reverted back to her cruel scientist personality. The mental health of a Pandora isn’t exactly great to begin with, so Amelia’s gradual despair is definitely not going to help her in the long-run.

By the way, shit is about to get real. Gina’s death is nothing compared to what’s going to happen next week.


I love cute things.

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3 Responses

  1. Magicflier says:

    There goes another death of a character for this season. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  2. TheLawnmowerMan says:

    Great blog you have going for this anime. Keep it up. Also I think Charles is an awesome girl.

    • Vantage says:

      Cheers! Glad to see another Charles fan :D The next few episodes are gonna be an intense ride xD

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