Diamond no Ace Episode 1: Golden Opportunity! [First Impression]

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First Impression:

I was genuinely surprised that I actually found this interesting. The show starts off showing us that Eijun (a pitcher and team captain of Akagi Junior High) is a major team player who even despite their loss was determined to play with his team from his junior high that is getting closed down. He is suddenly put in this position to choose between his original team or accept the scouting proposal of joining  Seidou High School’s Baseball team (that is famous for their prodigious players). At first, Eijun had actually declined, but Rei (Seidou High School’s Baseball Team Manager) stubbornly continued to push him until she finally pressed some buttons and managed to get him to at least come and check out Seidou’s practice. I think at this point, we all know that Eijun will probably end up going to Seidou to join their baseball team, but at the same time- there’s a part of me that wishes he would stick with his original team- especially if they really do all transfer to the same school. Of course in the end, it will all come down to whether everyone makes the team or not, and hell whether Wakana will ever be accepted on a boy’s team. Speaking of Wakana I have to say, even though she is not a main character… I know the chances are extremely slim, but I am hoping that this won’t be the last time we see her on a baseball team as a player but god- how I would love to see that. I would give the author extra brownie points for that! But lets face it, we will probably never see her play baseball again. TTvTT

Considering I don’t know much about baseball, and this is my first baseball anime, this episode wasn’t much of an issue. Rather than seeing the characters actively participate in the present, it was merely a simple introduction. As result we didn’t learn too much about any of the characters except for Eijun, but I have to say despite the lack of details, I have come to like Eijun’s character so far because of his love and devotion for his team, and also the type of guy he is to not turning a blind eye from people treating people, and god forbid their own teammates like shit.

In the end, I think it’s too soon for me to know whether this is something I would like to blog. I will try giving it three episodes, but if I’m not feeling it next week, that’ll be it.

Possibility of Blogging: Low
Possibility of Watching: Moderate

OT Note: It looks like I probably won’t be covering Kuroko no Basuke S2… I think if I had been able to finish covering the first season I’d feel more comfortable covering the second season.


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