Diabolik Lovers: [Episode 4]

Huh...you seem a bit bitter there yourself, son.

Huh…you seem a bit bitter there yourself, son.

Usually I take about two hours tops after watching DiabLo to get something enough to make a post that at least hits the required word-limit for the episodic review. But I can’t take that break after this episode, partly because I’m confused and partly because I’m upset. Like most reverse harems, the novelty for me has worn off. There was some bit of information in the last bit of the episode which makes me wonder if this anime is going to fill 10-13 minutes of each episode with fangirl shenanigans then throw in some piece of plot in the last few seconds that remain.


Kanato threw a bitch fit because Yui is clueless on knowing what he wants and because she tried to get familiar with his teddy. It’s always the quiet ones with bags beneath their eyes that suffer from pent-up emotions and have a low E.Q. Kanato is probably bitter himself because no one pays much attention to him, except teddy…that is without actual feelings so. Go figure.

Diablo 2She went on the roof to find her bag (where Kanato put it just to punish her for her lack of care) and saw Raito getting sexual with himself as he either recited some love poem or thought outloud of a long, lost love. He saw her, she tried to hide behind the wall. He grabbed her, assaulted her then bit her. She struggled after he finished his feast, pushed him away and ran off – outside the premises – to get to a payphone.

She phones her dad but the line intercepted to Raito (AS WAS TO BE EXPECTED), who just teased her and tormented her again but was interrupted by the news broadcast that featured his father on the TV screen in town.

Diablo 3That’s actually a really nice use of lighting to create mystery around his character – but I couldn’t care less about what his purpose in this anime might be. But he wears glasses. I might give him a chance.

Yui looked up at the screen and saw him then said another name “Karl Heinz.” which got a shocked look out of Raito, then she fainted and he carried her to her room. She went to the chapel to pray to God but Raito came in and told her that she is praying to an entity that does not exist. It just garbage. A shitty excuse for humans to go around sprinkling water on things and making the cross on their bodies to seem sophisticated about a belief.

What is this sacrilege?!

What is this sacrilege?!

To prove that her belief in God and her holy holy behavior is shit, Raito decided to go dental on her thigh…went down a bit further, unbuttoned her blouse and kissed her – right on the altar too.

Yui says, “I will NEVER submit to you!”

Diablo 5But lays there with tears in her eyes. I really would think that’s an equivalent to submitting BUT! What the hell do I know. Using all these verbs without no action.

It turns out that she was the sacrifice to these vampires by the church. Her dad is the priest. Go figure. Yui is hurt and disappoint to hear that her father and her very church has betrayed her. Probably she had to be given to maintain peace between the humans and vampires.

End of episode.

Throughout the entire episode, I was laughing at Yui. I just found her incredibly stupid in this episode, asking redundant questions when she knows EXACTLY what these vampires want. Probably she still thinks this is all a nightmare from hell and she can’t wake up but miraculously wakes up in this episode.

She fights but not really. Her struggles against being attacked are so laughable too. I do feel sorry for her but I don’t, at the same time. When Raito was choking her, almost to death, she didn’t even struggle and at that point, when you feel like you’re dying there should be some adrenaline rush to generate frantic actions that cause you to fight against whatever is killing you. Yui must not be human.

Also, in the chapel scene when he was getting down and dirty on her, she could have kicked him in the nuts – he was excited; had a hard-on, she can be sure that he would have felt the searing pain of that because the nerves aren’t dead at that point.

BUT! She is the epitome of a virgin. I wonder if she knows that guys actually have something dangling between their legs.

Raito: -drops pants-

Yui: -wide eyed- What is that – that THING?!

Raito: -smirks- It’s what I’m going to penetrate you with, Little Bitch.

^ Best case scenario.

I’m going off on the wrong tangent though. I can be sympathetic. Sympathy is what I used to combat and ease the upset at all the silly foolishness that happened in this episode. What sense would it make to fight when that would get Yui nowhere? She sure as hell can’t pull away when they’re feeding on her because blood would be flowing like a geyser and she’d die on the spot. And I doubt there really is a way for them to save her, if that happened – or even if they cared. And right then, in the chapel scene, after hearing about what her father and the church did, who’d even have the life to fight?

However, I would really like for more things THAT ARE ACTUALLY NECESSARY TO THE PLOT to happen in the next episode.

That is all.


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