Coppelion: [Episode 3]

Coppelion 1After the tragedy of the star survivors last episode; Yukiko and her husband, and Coppelion’s temporary moment of grief, they continue their work.

Coppelion 6

The Vice Captain tried to get answers from Heiji Tanizaki, a hospitalized death row prisoner, about the man who had been delivering relief supplies to the group of escapees. The man refused to answer and there was a glimpse of Miku.

Coppelion 5

She’s okay and I appreciate that she was remembered in this episode. Usually, minor characters, like Miku – her type of role and in this kind of setting– are discarded after their one episode of recognition. Even though she’s okay, it’s not hard to sense her depression. And if her just staring outside isn’t enough to confirm that, that forlorn expression of hers should be more than enough.

Coppelion 4

Coppelion have found an important character! Denjiro Shiba, a top scientist at Tristate Industries and he was also a major reason behind Tokyo City’s devastated state. From his talk with the girls, he realizes how quickly science and technology are adbancing. All hail Science!

He has decided to turn himself in for the catastrophe he caused. But they must rescue a Granny Ayame (?) before that.

Coppelion 3

A B-2 bomber was sighted. Everyone kept calling it a crow. I had a problem with that. In the last few minutes, Taeko removes her glasses and confirms that it is a stealth bomber.

Ibara chases it down after it landed. Two men – presumably the pilot and his second – try to take Granny away. Granny has a lot of fight in her for an old lady but her attempts to escape are futile.

Ibara uses a smoke bomb attack. It is effective! She gets Granny. The two men retreat to B-2 and take off.

Coppelion 2


The mission next episode is to take down the B-2 with a Stinger missile that Aoi found in a warehouse.


Success: Highly unlikely.

Ibara has super speed and awesome fighting skills as her special abilities. Taeko has super human vision and Aoi…is useless. Or maybe she’s the more “human” one just to create some form of balance so that the girls don’t come off as nothing but government dolls. Denjiro was introduced at a good time, and it’s so sad that his experiments went so terribly wrong because he had good intentions – all for the people.

When the B-2 showed up, I was wondering why the girls – not so much the people – didn’t recognize it instantly. I tried to put myself in that situation and actually went outside and looked up. There is no way I could mistake it for a bird because of it’s shape but maybe they thought so because of how fast it was going, and the illusion the clouds created.

It seems the persons operating the B-2 come from another group of relief suppliers since they were dropping supplies while flying over the same area where Denjiro and his group were staying.

Another thing, there is no way they can use a rocket launcher to take down the B-2 because that’s a heat seeking missile and a B-2 bomber’s exhaust goes through cooling vents so the missile would miss its target because there wouldn’t be enough heat to track it down. But let’s see what logic Coppelion is going to pull out of its ass to make this work.


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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    “It seems the persons operating the B-2 come from another group of relief suppliers since they were dropping supplies while flying over the same area where Denjiro and his group were staying.”

    Is that what you think they were doing? They were dropping SOMETHING, but supplies? In a high rad zone from a multi-billion-dollar plane that shouldn’t even BE in Japan with orders to capture or kill anyone who sees them? If those are supplies that they’re dropping I will be most surprised.

    • charlmeister says:

      OOOH. Oh god, I wasn’t even paying attention to that detail *facepalm*. Thanks for pointing that out but one take is all I do xD I have different thoughts now of what they could have been doing. I’ll clear that up in the next post.

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