Coppelion: [Episode 3]


I’m an anime/manga junkie, yaoi lover and hopeless romantic. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the best. That is all.

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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    “It seems the persons operating the B-2 come from another group of relief suppliers since they were dropping supplies while flying over the same area where Denjiro and his group were staying.”

    Is that what you think they were doing? They were dropping SOMETHING, but supplies? In a high rad zone from a multi-billion-dollar plane that shouldn’t even BE in Japan with orders to capture or kill anyone who sees them? If those are supplies that they’re dropping I will be most surprised.

    • charlmeister says:

      OOOH. Oh god, I wasn’t even paying attention to that detail *facepalm*. Thanks for pointing that out but one take is all I do xD I have different thoughts now of what they could have been doing. I’ll clear that up in the next post.

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